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Country: Sri Lanka - Subject: Agriculture workers

  1. Sri Lanka - Agriculture workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Consolidated Order under the Wages Board Ordinance (Chapter 136) - the Tea Growing and Manufacturing Trade.

    Adoption: 1998 | LKA-1998-R-53153

    Defines which types of jobs shall be considered part of the tea growing and manufacturing trade and sets forth wages, overtime rates, weekly rest periods and holidays for such jobs.

  2. Sri Lanka - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Agrarian Services (Amendment) Act, No. 4 of 1991

    Adoption: 1991-02-23 | LKA-1991-L-26529

    Amends the Agrarian Services Act, No. 58 of 1979. Modifies sections of the Act dealing with protection of tenant cultivators from eviction by landlord and provides procedures for appeal of decisions of eviction. Provides the opportunity to temples, churches and mosques, as well as owners of paddy lands whose sole income is from rents from those lands, to be exempted from the provisions of section 2 of the Act. Provides for the rights of tenant cultivator to pass to family members at his death. Authorized the involvement of the Agrarian Services Committee to assist in the determination of a fair price for paddy land in some situations of sale of such land to tenant cultivator. Includes provisions for an inquiry where tenant cultivator has wilfully neglected paddy lands and other disputes between landlord and tenant cultivator. Part IVA enumerates the powers and duties of the Inquiry Officers and the Board of Review. Section 56A allows for the creation of Farmers' Organizations to help implement the agricultural programme, carry out village level construction work, market produce, promote cooperative activities between government organizations and farmers.

  3. Sri Lanka - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy Act 1987. No. 47.

    Adoption: 1987-12-09 | LKA-1987-L-6552

    Provides for the establishment of the Council, which is to include a representative of small landholders.

  4. Sri Lanka - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Farmers' Pension and Social Security Benefit Scheme Act 1987. No. 12. [LS 1987 - Sri Lanka 1].

    Adoption: 1987-03-24 | LKA-1987-L-3713

    An Act to provide for the establishment of a pension and social security benefit scheme for farmers; to provide for the operation of the scheme by the Agricultural Insurance Board; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Part I of the Act establishes the Scheme, which is open to any farmer having the prescribed qualifications who is between the ages of 18 and 59. The benefits to be provided are: a periodical pension, generally available from age 60; a lump sum gratuity or pension in case of permanent partial disablement; a lump sum gratuity or periodical allowance in case of permanent total disablement; a death grant, payable to the surviving spouse or to a blood relative (eldest son, or if no sons, eldest daughter, etc.). The Agricultural Insurance Board established under the Agricultural Insurance Law 1973 (No. 27) is to issue to each participant a policy setting out the contributions to be made, the terms and conditions of the policy and the benefits to which the participant is entitled if no forfeiture occurs. Under Part IV of the Act, the Farmers' Pension and Social Security Benefit Fund is set up to manage the money received from contributions, and Part V contains general provisions.

  5. Sri Lanka - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    National Institute of Plantation Management (Amendment) Act 1987. No. 5.

    Adoption: 1987-01-30 | LKA-1987-L-4715

    Amends the National Institute of Plantation Management Act (No. 45 of 1979), which exists to provide management training and advisory services, inter alia.

  6. Sri Lanka - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Land Reform (Special Provisions) Act 1986. No. 14.

    Adoption: 1986-06-20 | LKA-1986-L-3141

    Amends the Land Reform Law, No. 1 of 1972, and the Land Reform (Special Provisions) Act, No. 39 of 1981, in various respects, chiefly regarding compensation to landowners.

  7. Sri Lanka - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Allowances to Plantation Workers Act (No. 72 of 1981). - Department of Labour

    Adoption: 1982-01-01 | LKA-1982-L-67531

  8. Sri Lanka - Agriculture workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Estate Labour (Indian) Ordinance (No. 13 of 1889). - Department of Labour

    Adoption: 1889-10-31 | LKA-1889-R-37390

    This Ordinance, incorporating all changes through 1979, amends and consolidates the law relating to Indian Labourers employed on Sri Lanka estates. A "labourer" is defined to include "kangany" (Indian coolies) and "Tulicans" (a group of Muslims). Limits contracts of employment, verbal, implied or written, to one month. Regulates how verbal contracts are to be construed, and specifies that written employment contracts longer than one month must comply with the Service Contracts Ordinance. Specifies the means of payment of wages and the priority given to unpaid wages before other debts. Labourers are given standing to sue in Primary Courts to recover unpaid wages. Grants immunity from arrest in execution of a debt. Requires employers to prepare and keep a complete register of labourers and to fulfil other registration requirements.

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