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Country: Liechtenstein - Subject: Tripartite consultations

  1. Liechtenstein - Tripartite consultations - Law, Act

    Act of 16 November 1988 amending the Act concerning sickness insurance.

    Adoption: 1988-11-16 | Date of entry into force: 1989-01-01 | LIE-1988-L-7717

    Amends the Act of 14 November 1971 (LGBI. 1971, No. 50), as amended, with particular regard to sickness allowance in relation to invalidity, patient choice of doctors and care institutions, and cost reduction measures. Amended s. 22 sets forth guidelines on contribution levels for employers and insured persons. The amount of sickness allowance is set in s. 23; it is excluded in cases of diagnostic tests and maternity. The amendments also cover voluntary participation and dispute resolution.

  2. Liechtenstein - Tripartite consultations - Law, Act

    Act of 20 October 1987 on employee welfare protection provided by enterprises.

    Adoption: 1987-10-20 | LIE-1987-L-6146

    This Act requires, with certain exceptions, every employer who is liable to pay contributions under the Act on old-age and survivors, pensions and whose payroll is above a set level to provide for old-age, disability and survivors' pensions for his or her current employees (ss. 3 and 4). Such employers are to insure against the economic consequences of invalidity where the employee has reached 17 years of age, of death where the employee has reached that age and has a dependant wife or child, and of old-age where the employee has reached 24 years of age and has a non-fixed-term contract of employment. A contract which has extended beyond nine months or beyond the length of its original term is considered to be indefinite. The Act also permits self-employed persons to be insured (s. 5). Part II governs calculation of wage levels, contributions, minimum benefits, financing, and cashing-out of accrued amounts (s. 11-12). The normal retirement age is set at 65 years of age for men and 62 years of age for women (s. 8(1)). Part III governs organisation and implementation (including disclosure of information) and Part IV addresses supervision and applicable law. With the entry into force of this Act on 1 Jan. 1989, ss. 39(4) and 40 of s. 1173a of the general civil Code, as amended, are repealed.

  3. Liechtenstein - Tripartite consultations - Law, Act

    Arrêté modifiant l'arrêté édicté en application de la loi [du 12 juin 1969 (LGBl. 1969, No. 41)] sur l'assurance chômage.

    Adoption: 1985-01-15 | LIE-1985-L-1347

    Insère une nouvelle partie III : Indemnité en cas d'insolvabilité. L'ancienne partie III (Financement) devient la partie IV. Entrée en vigueur rétroactive au 1er janv. 1985.

  4. Liechtenstein - Tripartite consultations - Law, Act

    Loi portant modification de la loi [du 12 juin 1969] sur l'assurance-chômage.

    Adoption: 1984-10-03 | LIE-1984-L-1223

    Nombreuses modifications. Notamment, après l'art. 48, insère un nouveau titre IV : "Indemnisation en cas d'insolvabilité de l'employeur".

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