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Country: Libya - Subject: Cooperatives

  1. Libya - Cooperatives - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Resolution No. 7 of 1992 issuing the Implementing Regulation under Law No. 23 of 1991 on fisheries cooperatives. - Regulation in Arabic

    Adoption: 1992-01-09 | LBY-1992-R-83497

    This Regulation is composed of 5 Chapters divided into 34 articles. Establishment and registration procedures of fisheries cooperatives provided for in Chapter I. Conditions and causes for the revocation of fisheries cooperatives are defined in Chapter II. Chapter III deals with the management of cooperatives and the General Assembly. Financial system is given in Chap. IV. Dissolution of cooperatives provided for in Chapter V.

  2. Libya - Cooperatives - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    SMW Decision No. 7 issuing the Implementing Regulation of Law No. 23 of 1991 on fisheries cooperatives. - Decision on-line

    Adoption: 1992 | LBY-1992-R-83496

    This Decision consists of 5 Sections. The establishment of fisheries cooperatives and required documents are dealt with in Section 1. A cooperative shall be made up of a minimum of 20 members and shall be required to be fully engaged in fishing as well as own licensed boats (art. 1). To apply for the establishment of cooperatives, the following documents shall be necessary: copies of charter and internal organization documents signed by members; bank deposits for member shares; list of all members and number of shares held; a proof that all members participate in fishers Nakabah (associations); signed declaration that on e is not a member of another fishing cooperative; and, copy of the boat ownership certificate (art. 2). Articles 3 and 4 deal with the reviewing and processing of the abovementioned documents in different SMW departments (acceptance or refusal of applications). The cooperative charter documents shall contain date, place of issue, name of cooperative, purpose and area of work, capital and share value, name of each member, place of residence and occupation (art. 5). Re-announcement of the cooperative established before Law 23/91 are dealt with in articles 6-8. Membership conditions and reasons for withdrawal are provided for in section 2. Reasons for withdrawal of membership may include: voluntary reasons, failure to abide to the conditions, arrangements for reimbursement if eligible, etc (arts. 10 to 14). Sections 3-5 deal with the following matters: Cooperative Administration Committee; Cooperative financial organization; Cooperative closure.

  3. Libya - Cooperatives - Law, Act

    Law No. 23 of 1991 on fisheries cooperatives. - Law on-line in Arabic

    Adoption: 1991-09-04 | LBY-1991-L-83495

    This Law is composed of 11 Chapters divided into 61 articles. Chapter I contains general provisions in particular: definition of fisheries cooperatives; and conditions for membership in fisheries cooperatives. Chapter II decrees the establishment of fisheries cooperatives. Fisheries cooperatives constitution dealt with in Chapter III. Fisheries cooperatives activities given in Chapter IV. Management of fisheries cooperatives is provided for in Chapter V in particular: the General Assembly; The General Popular Committee for Marine Resources; and Competencies of the General Popular Committee. Chapter VI pertains to cooperatives' financial system such as sources of incomes. Exemptions and advaantages provided for in Chapter VII. Control of cooperatives dealt with in Chapter VIII. Dissolution of cooperatives is given in Chapter IX. Offences and penalties are provided for in Chapter X. Chapter XI contains concluding provisions.

  4. Libya - Cooperatives - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Arrêté du Conseil des ministres portant promulgation du règlement d'application de la loi no 46 de 1971 concernant les coopératives agricoles.

    Adoption: 1972-04-12 | LBY-1972-R-32570

  5. Libya - Cooperatives - Law, Act

    Loi (No. 46 de 1971) sur les associations coopératives agricoles.

    Adoption: 1971 | LBY-1971-L-40426

    Loi divisée en neuf parties, portant notamment sur les activités des associations coopératives agricoles, leurs organes constitutifs, leur organisation financière, les exonérations et prérogatives, la commission de contrôle, le contrôle de l'Etat, la dissolution, et les sanctions.

  6. Libya - Cooperatives - Law, Act

    Loi (No. 145 de 1970) portant modification de diverses dispositions de la Loi (No. 77 de 1970) concernant la création de l'Organisme public de la Réforme agraire et du Peuplement rural.

    Adoption: 1970-12-06 | LBY-1970-L-40428

    Amendement apporté à l'alinéa b) de l'article 9.

  7. Libya - Cooperatives - Law, Act

    Loi (No. 77 de 1970) portant création de l'Organisme public de la Réforme agraire et du Peuplement rural.

    Adoption: 1970-07-15 | LBY-1970-L-40427

    Outre ses fonctions en matière d'administration et de développement des terres appartenant à l'Etat, l'Organisme est aussi chargé de contrôler, soutenir et guider les coopératives agricoles créées par les agriculteurs auxquels il a distribué des terres.

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