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Country: Israel - Subject: Constitutional law

  1. Israel - Constitutional law - Constitution

    Basic Law: The Government (2001). - Unofficial English Translation

    Adoption: 2001-03-07 | Date of entry into force: 2003 | ISR-2001-C-86611

    Repeals the Basic Law: The Government (1992). Provides for the establishment and functioning of the government of Israel. Includes provisions on the seat of government, its responsibilities and composition, the eligibility of Ministers, constitution of the government following elections, early elections in case of failure to form a government, procedures to take in case of violation of laws by Ministers, measures to take in case of incapacity or death of the Prime Ministers, procedures in case of termination of duty for Ministers and the Prime Minister, salaries and pensions of government representatives, and measures to take to declare a state of emergency or declare war. Also amends section 21 and adds new section 36A in the Basic Law: The Knesset - No. 30.

  2. Israel - Constitutional law - Miscellaneous (circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.)

    Israel's Written Constitution.

    Adoption: 1995-03-01 | ISR-1995-C-44044

    Book containing an English translation of the Declaration of Independence and the Basic Laws on Human Dignity and Freedom, Freedom of Occupation, Jerusalem, the State President, the Knesset, the Government, the State Economy, the Army, Israel Lands, the Administration of Justice, and the State Comptroller. Consolidated and updated as of 1 March 1995.

    [It should be noted that Israel does not have a written constitution and that this title refers to the name of the book]

  3. Israel - Constitutional law - Constitution

    Proclamation of Independence, 5708-1948 - Unofficial English Translation

    Adoption: 1948-05-14 | ISR-1948-C-86614

    Declares the establishment of the State of Israel.

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