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Country: Guyana - Subject: Seafarers

  1. Guyana - Seafarers - Law, Act

    Maritime Zones Act 2010 (No. 18 of 2010). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2010-08-09 | GUY-2010-L-99456

    This Act defines the internal waters, territorial sea, contiguous zone, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Guyana, defines the boundaries of those maritime zones and defines jurisdiction and rights of Guyana in respect of those zones. The Act also concerns, among other things, marine research, mariculture and protection of the marine environment.
    Guyana, in the exercise of its sovereignty, has exclusive to the territorial sea subject to international law and the Law of the Sea Convention. The Act provides rules for innocent passage, defines non-innocent passage and provides for measures in case of non-innocent passage. Transport of hazardous waste (including radioactive material) requires an authorization of the Minister responsible for the environment. Further Regulations may be made in this respect.
    Guyana shall have the right to explore and exploit natural resources in the EEZ. Any other person may only do so under a written agreement with the government of Guyana. The President may designate areas of the EEZ for special purposes and make provision with respect to, among other things, natural resources and protection of the marine environment. The Minister may by Order declare an area within the territorial sea and the contiguous zone to be known as the maritime cultural area. Establishment of an eco-tourism or a marine park and reserve or a mariculture operation shall require a permit of the Minister (who may also establish such areas) and operations in such areas or mariculture operations shall not have negative effects on marine species.
    The Minister of Foreign Affairs in consultation with the Minister responsible for the environment may make Regulations for the protection and preservation of the marine environment and may make other Regulations for purposes of this Act.

    Repeals the Maritime Boundaries Act, 1977.

  2. Guyana - Seafarers - Law, Act

    Shipping Act (Cap. 49:01). - Legislation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1998 | GUY-1998-L-85546

    The 456 sections of this Act are divided into 21 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration of this Act (II); Restriction on trading (III); Registration and licensing of ships and proprietary interest in ships (IV); National character and flag (V); Manning of ships and certification of seafarers (VI); Engagement and welfare of seaman (VII); Ship's log books (VIII); Prevention of collisions and navigational safety (IX); Safety of life at sea (X); Load lines (XI); carriage of bulk cargos and dangerous goods (XII); Seaworthiness of ships (XIII); Wreck and salvage (XIV); Passenger ships (XV); Limitation and divisions of liability (XVI); Court of survey (XVII); Inquiries and investigations into marine casualties (XVIII); Legal proceedings (XIX); Miscellaneous (XX); final and transitional provisions (XXI).
    "Ship" shall include any kind of fishing vessel. Section 4 provides for a Marine Administration Department and for the appointment of a Director of Maritime Affairs, a Registrar of Ships, marine officers, surveyors etc. Section 36 provides for the marking of ships. Every ship under twenty-four meters of length shall be licensed in accordance with section 49. Part XII mainly concerns regulation making powers of the Minister regarding transport of bulk goods and dangerous goods. A Court of Survey shall be constituted under section 442.

  3. Guyana - Seafarers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    National Insurance and Social Security (Mariners and Share Fishermen) (Amendment) Regulations 1989 (No. 31 of 1989).

    Adoption: 1989-07-27 | GUY-1989-R-55357

    Amends the National Insurance and Social Security (Mariners and Share Fishermen) Regulations.

  4. Guyana - Seafarers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    National Insurance and Social Security (Mariners and Share Fishermen) Regulations 1971 (No. 16 of 1971)

    Adoption: 1971-09-14 | Date of entry into force: 1971-10-04 | GUY-1971-R-17078

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