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Country: Gambia - Month updated: June 2020

  1. Gambia - - Constitution

    Constitution of The Gambia DRAFT 2020 - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2020-03-30 | GMB-2020-C-110050

    The Constitutional Review Commission, in accordance with the Constitutional Review Commission Act 2018 presented the DRAFT to President Adama Barrow on 30th March 2020. The Ministry of Justice was to publish the national document in the Gazette before the end of May 2020, before it is subsequently presented to the National Assembly in August 2020.

  2. Gambia - - Law, Act

    Truth, Reparations And Reconciliation Act, 2017 (No. 9 of 2017). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-12-13 | GMB-2017-L-110052

    The TRRC Act provides for the establishment of the historical record of the nature, causes and extent of violations and abuses of human rights committed during the period July 1994 to January 2017 and to consider the granting of reparation of victims.

    The main objectives of the TRRC, pursuant to Section 13 of the Act, are to:

    (a) create an impartial historical record of violations and abuses of human rights from July 1994 to January 2017, in order to
    (i) promote healing and reconciliation,
    (ii) respond to the needs of the victims,
    (iii) address impunity, and
    (iv) prevent a repetition of the violations and abuses suffered by making recommendations for the establishment of appropriate preventive mechanisms including institutional and legal reforms;

    (b) establish and make known the fate or whereabouts of disappeared victims;

    (c) provide victims an opportunity to relate their own accounts of the violations and abuses suffered; and

    (d) grant reparations to victims in appropriate cases.

  3. Gambia - - Law, Act

    National Human Rights Commission Act, 2017 (No. 8 of 2017). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-12-13 | Date of entry into force: 2018-01-13 | GMB-2017-L-110053

    The NHRC Act establishes a Commission for the promotion and protection of human rights in The Gambia. The Commission shall consist of five people ( including at least two women):
    - Chairperson who must be a legal practitioner of not less than ten years post-call experience and has an additional at least five years of experience in promotion or protection of human rights in any capacity;
    - A vice-chairperson who has acquired not less than five years expertise in his or her field; and
    - three other members.

  4. Gambia - - Law, Act

    Constitutional Review Commission Act, 2017. - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-12-13 | GMB-2017-L-110054

  5. Gambia - - Law, Act

    Mines and Quarries Act, 2005 (Act No. 7 of 2005) (Cap. 64:01) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2005-12-12 | GMB-2005-L-110051

    Regulates the granting of licences for mines and quarries as well as related operations and rights to minerals. Provides that the Ministry may impose conditions related to safety (Articles 17, 52, 71). Regulations may be adopted with respect to measures to be taken in respect of an area where mining or quarrying operations are being carried out relating to sanitation and health, including the establishment of cemeteries (Article 115(3)(k)).

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