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Country: Austria

  1. Austria - - International agreement

    Agreement concerning the regulation of pension insurance for officials of the IAEA. Text No. 51. Done at Vienna.

    Adoption: 1959-02-12 | Date of entry into force: 1958-10-01 | AUT-1959-IA-26330

  2. Austria - - International agreement

    Agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Republic of Austria concerning the regulation of pension insurance for officials of the IAEA. Done at Vienna.

    Adoption: 1959-02-12 | Date of entry into force: 1959-07-03 | ORG-1959-IA-33290

  3. Austria - - International agreement

    Agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Republic of Austria concerning the social insurance of officials of the IAEA. Done at Vienna.

    Adoption: 1958-12-29 | Date of entry into force: 1959-01-01 | ORG-1958-IA-33291

  4. Austria - - Law, Act

    Holiday Rest Act (Feiertagsruhegesetz, BGBl. 1957/153). [Text 31].

    Adoption: 1957 | AUT-1957-L-48593

    Consolidated text with annotations.

  5. Austria - - Law, Act

    Construction Workers Bad Weather Compensation Act 1957 (BSchEG, BGBl. 129/1957). Text No. 83a. (Bauarbeiter-Schlechtwetterentschädigungsgesetzes 1957)

    Adoption: 1957 | AUT-1957-L-42841

    Provides for a compensation to workers in the construction industry in the event that bad weather prevents completion of work. To compenstate for eventual lost earnings, a certain amount shall be paid to workers under requirements enumerated in s. 4. Workers may only claim this compensation between 1 November and 30 April of a given year (s. 4(3)). Consolidated text.

  6. Austria - - Law, Act

    Federal Act of 29th February 1956 concerning wages of federal officials (BGBl. I Nr. 15/1956) (Gehaltsgesetz 1956 (GehG)) - Act on-line in German

    Adoption: 1956-02-29 | Date of entry into force: 1956-02-29 | AUT-1956-L-101937

    Section 1. General provisions
    Section 2. General administrative services
    Section 3. Candidate judges, judges and prosecutors
    Section 4. University teachers
    Section 5. Teachers
    Section 6. Education and professional inspectors
    Section 7. Executive service
    Section 8. Military service
    Section 9. Officials of Posts and Telecommunications
    Section 10. Nursing and hospital service
    Section 11. Transitional provisions
    Section 12. Final provisions.

  7. Austria - - Law, Act

    General Social Security Act 1955 (ASVG) (BGBl. No. 189/1955). (Allgemeinen Sozialversicherungsgesetzes) - Act on-line in German

    Adoption: 1955 | Date of entry into force: 1955-09-09 | AUT-1955-L-35898

    General provisions: Scope, extent of insurance, mandatory and optional insurance, reports and obligation to give information, funding of social insurance, contributions and benefits, adjustments in social insurance, exemption of contribution, penal dispositions. Sickness insurance benefits: common provisions, different kinds of benefits. Accident insurance benefits: common provisions, prevention of accidents, different kinds of benefits. Old age insurance benefits: workers, employees and miners. Relationship between the insurers. Relationship between the insurers and medical personel. Procedural provisions. Organization of administration. Special provisions for agriculture and forestry, employees of railroads, employees of transport companies in the Vienna City and notaries. Final and transitory provisions. Appears annually in the SOZDOK edition.

  8. Austria - - Law, Act

    Contractual Public Employees Act (BGBl. 1948/86). [Text 75]. (Vertragsbedienstetengesetz(VBG)) - Legislation on-line in German

    Adoption: 1948 | AUT-1948-L-49057

    Consolidated text.

  9. Austria - - Law, Act

    Act providing care for casualties in the fight for a democratic Austria and victims of political persecution (Opferfüsorgegesetz (OFG), BGBl. 1947/183). [Text 42].

    Adoption: 1947-07-04 | AUT-1947-L-48594

    Consolidated text with annotations.

  10. Austria - - Law, Act

    Act regarding the establishment of chambers of commerce (Handelskammergesetz (HKG), BGBl. 1946/182). [Text 5].

    Adoption: 1946-07-24 | AUT-1946-L-48584

    Establishes chambers of commerce and subordinate professional committees (s. 31). Consolidated text with annotations.

  11. Austria - - Constitution

    Federal Constitutional Law of 1920. (Bundes-Verfassungsgesetz (B-VG)) - Constitution in English and German Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1930-10-01 | AUT-1930-C-49400

    Establishes the Constitution of Austria and as amended, provides for Austria's entry into the European Union.

  12. Austria - - Law, Act

    Federal Act to protect both freedom of employment and association (excerpt) (AntiterrorG. BGBl. 113). Text No. 18.

    Adoption: 1930-04-09 | AUT-1930-L-42242

    Prohibits terms of labour contracts between employers and employees that provide that only persons who do not belong to a certain association or trade union are hired.

  13. Austria - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Ordinance of the Ministry for Social Administration regarding pharmacist assistants (excerpt) [as amended to 1971]. Text No. 71. (Pharmazeutische Fachkräfteverordnung BGBl. 40).

    Adoption: 1930-01-31 | AUT-1930-R-42836

    Concerns voacational training of pharmacists. S. 3 prohibits employment of foreigners in public pharmacies.

  14. Austria - - Law, Act

    Federal Act concerning employment contracts of employees in an agricultural or silvicultural business (Gutsangestelltengesetz (GAngG), BGBl. 1923/538). Text No. 66.

    Adoption: 1923-09-26 | AUT-1923-L-42833

    Contains comprehensive provisions relating to employment contracts for employees doing administrative or commercial work in an agricultural or silvicultural business. The text does not apply in cases where the government or a union is the employer. Also sets forth provisions relating to employee protection. Inter alia, employees who are ill are entitled to 6 weeks of paid leave; 8 weeks if their disability to work is a result of an occupational accident or illness. Sick leave benefits increase with length of an employee's service. Also outlines acceptable reasons for dismissal, and provides for severance pay if an employment contract is cancelled by the employer for whom an employee has worked for more than 3 years. Consolidated text.

  15. Austria - - Law, Act

    Federal Act concerning employment contracts of actors (Schauspielergesetz (SchSpG), BGBl. 1922/441). Text No. 67.

    Adoption: 1922-07-13 | AUT-1922-L-42834

    Sets out general provisions regarding the scope and content of an employment contract adapted to the special needs of actors, such as matters relating to travel expenses. Applies only to stage actors, not film actors. Consolidated text.

  16. Austria - - Law, Act

    Federal Act concerning the employment contracts (BGBl. 1921/292). Text No. 65. (Angestelltengesetz (AngG)) - Legislation on-line in German

    Adoption: 1921-05-11 | AUT-1921-L-42832

    Provides regulations concerning employment contracts of employees who are clerks or working in an enterprise where trade law is applicable. Enumerates required contents of an employment contract (s. 6). In the event that employer and employee do not agree on the employee's wages, the employer must pay the usual local amount that is paid for the kind of work in question. Also sets forth duties of employees, and stipulates that the employee must not compete with the employer (s. 7). Ill employees or employees who are unable to work due to an occupational accident or illness are entitled to 100 per cent of their wages for a period of 6 or 8 weeks, respectively. In addition, sets forth regulations governing dismissals. Consolidated text.

  17. Austria - - Law, Act

    Federal Act on journalists (JournG, StGBl. 1920/88). Text No. 68.

    Adoption: 1920-02-11 | AUT-1920-L-42835

    Contains general provisions with respect to the content of employment contracts for editors and journalists employed in a journalistic enterprise. Inter alia, entitles editors to 30 working days of paid leave. Advance notice for dismissals shall be three months. In the event of the takeover of the enterprise, the new employer shall decide within a month whether employment relationships with present employees will be kept. Should an employment contract be terminated by the new employer, severance pay shall be paid in accordance with the employee's time of service. Consolidated text.

  18. Austria - - Law, Act

    Act on the employment of juveniles and women, hours of work and weekly rest in the mining industry (Bergarbeitergesetz (BergAG), StGBl. 1919/406). [Text 86].

    Adoption: 1919-07-28 | AUT-1919-L-49056

    Consolidated text.

  19. Austria - - Law, Act

    Federal Act concerning pharmacies (RGBl. 1907/5).

    Adoption: 1906-12-18 | AUT-1906-L-42252

    Provides for opening hours in general and in case of emergency service. Consolidated text.

  20. Austria - - Law, Act

    Federal Act on execution and safeguarding proceedings (excerpt) (Exekutionsordnung (EO), RGBl. 1896/79). Text No. 100.

    Adoption: 1896-05-27 | AUT-1896-L-42851

    Provides for the protection of wages in the case of employee debts. Defines amount of income which may be deducted in order to leave a sufficient amount to cover an employee's cost of living. Consolidated text.

  21. Austria - - Law, Act

    Cooperative Law: Law of 9 April 1873 on Cooperatives (RGBI No.70 as amended by the Federal Law BGBI 91/1976).

    Adoption: 1873-04-09 | AUT-1873-L-32302

    Provides for matters concerning the audit, merger, and dissolution of Cooperatives.

  22. Austria - - Law, Act

    Act which provides, under repeal of ss. 479, 480, and 481 of the Penal Code, for the collective action of employers and employees with regard to employment conditions, and of merchants with regard to raising prices (KoalitionsG, RGBl. 1879/4). [Text 17].

    Adoption: 1870-04-07 | AUT-1870-L-48586

    Exempts strikes and lockouts from provisions the Penal Code, at the same time criminalizing the use of coersion to force persons to participate in such actions. Consolidated text with annotations.

  23. Austria - - Law, Act

    Basic Law on the General Rights of Nationals - StGG. (Staatsgrundgesetz vom 21. December 1867, über die allgemeinen Rechte der Staatsbürger für die im Reichsrathe vertretenen Königreiche und Länder - StGG) - Law on-line in German

    Adoption: 1867-12-21 | AUT-1867-L-84888

    Provides for the rights of Austrian nationals including the right of assembly and to constitute associations.
    Article 12 provides: "Austrian nationals have the right of assembly and to constitute associations. The exercise of these rights will be regulated in special statutes."

  24. Austria - - Law, Act

    Law on the Protection of the Rights of the Home, 1862.

    Adoption: 1862-10-27 | AUT-1862-L-94127

    Protects the rights of citizens' homes with respect to infringements by government officials.

  25. Austria - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Trade Ordinance (Gewerbeordnung 1859 (GewO)). [Text 84].

    Adoption: 1859 | AUT-1859-R-49053

    Excerpts of relevant provisions concerning labour contracts, payment of wages, and termination of an employment contract. Consolidated text with annotations.

  26. Austria - - Law, Act

    General Austrian Mining Act (Berggesetz (ABG), RGBl. 1854/146). [Text 85b].

    Adoption: 1854-05-23 | AUT-1854-L-49055

    Contains provisions regarding labour contracts of miners. Consolidated text.

  27. Austria - - Law, Act

    Civil Code (excerpt) (Allgemeines bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (ABGB). Text No. 52.

    Adoption: 1811 | AUT-1811-L-42818

    Concerns both the different kinds of contracts which are related to labour law and the completion of such a contract. Consolidated text.

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