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Subject: Occupational safety and health - Month updated: May 2019

  1. Armenia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Law No. HO-15-N of 21 December 2017 "On Public Letters". - legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-12-21 | Date of entry into force: 2018-01-27 | ARM-2017-L-106941

    Introduces the concept of a public letter and its types, the procedure of presenting public letters, also establishes the rights of a person who presents a public letter, the procedure of discussion of public letters, the peculiarities of the discussions in the National Assembly and the Government, also of the response procedure to public letters.
    Repeals law No. HO-24 of 24 November 1999 "On the Procedure of Discussion of Suggestions, Applications and Complaints of Citizens".

  2. Armenia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Law No. HO-97-N of 9 June 2017 "On Disclosure System". - legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-06-09 | Date of entry into force: 2018-01-01 | ARM-2017-L-106930

    Establishes the general object of regulation, namely the procedure of disclosure, rights of informant, who provides disclosure information; also the obligations of public authorities, public organizations in relation with disclosure. Also regulates the relations with regard to the protection of informants and persons connected with informants, also the procedure of inside disclosure and outside disclosure.

  3. Armenia - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Law No. HO-96-N of 9 June 2017 "On the Committee for Preventing Corruption". - legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-06-09 | Date of entry into force: 2018-04-10 | ARM-2017-L-106931

    Chapter I. General provisions
    Chapter II. Principles of the activity and the procedure of formation of the Committee for Preventing Corruption
    Chapter III. Organization of the works of the Committee
    Chapter IV. Functions and competencies of the Committee
    Chapter V. Analysis and proceedings implemented by the Committee.

  4. Azerbaijan - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Law No. 731-VQD of 13 June 2017 to Amend the Law on "Compulsory Insurance in Case of Loss of Occupational Capacity as a Result of Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases". - Legislation from CIS Countries

    Adoption: 2017-06-13 | Date of entry into force: 2017-07-21 | AZE-2017-L-106750

    Rephrases sub-paragraph 14.3-1 of Article 14 (Insurance contribution and insurance sum), which states, that the insurance contribution is carried out only in non-cash order.

  5. Belarus - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Law No. 354-Z of 5 January 2016 "On Occupational Safety". - legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016-01-05 | Date of entry into force: 2016-07-15 | BLR-2016-L-104675

    Chapter I: General provisions
    Chapter II: State regulation and state supervision in the field of occupational safety
    Chapter III: Provision of occupational safety
    Chapter IV: Directing and collection of information on origin of accident or incident, technical investigation of reasons for accidents and incidents, localization and liquidation of their consequences. Registration of accidents and incidents
    Chapter V: Liability in case of violation of legislation on occupational safety. Compensation for harm caused by violation of legislation on occupational safety
    Chapter VI: Final provisions.
    Repeals the Law of 10 January 2000 "On industrial security of dangerous production sites" (Nacionalnijj reestr pravovikh actov Respubliki Belarus, 2000, ¿ 8, 2/138). Also repeals certain articles of other amending laws connected with occupational safety.
    Introduces a lists of dangerous and potentially dangerous industrial objects.

  6. Canada - Occupational safety and health - Law, Act

    Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act [S.C. 2015, c. 4, s. 120]. - Laws in French and English

    Adoption: 2015-02-26 | CAN-2015-L-105668

    An Act respecting civil liability and compensation for damage in case of a nuclear incident, repealing the Nuclear Liability Act and making consequential amendments to other Acts.

  7. European Union - Occupational safety and health - EU Regulation

    Règlement (UE) 2019/126 du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 16 janvier 2019 instituant l'Agence européenne pour la sécurité et la santé au travail (EU-OSHA) et abrogeant le règlement (CE) n° 2062/94 du Conseil. (Regulation (EU) 2019/126of the European Parliamen and of the Council of 16 January 2019 establishing the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 2062/94.) - Règlement Regulation

    Adoption: 2019-01-16 | Date of entry into force: 2019-02-20 | EEU-2019-RE-108338

  8. Poland - Occupational safety and health - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance of 15th December 2017 on occupational safety and health in foundries (Text No 48). (Rozporządzenie Ministra Rozwoju i Finansów z dnia 15 grudnia 2017 r. w sprawie bezpieczeństwa i higieny pracy w odlewniach metali) - Act on-line in Polish

    Adoption: 2017-12-15 | Date of entry into force: 2018-04-10 | POL-2017-R-107927

    The regulation sets conditions for health and safety requirements in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys foundries.

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