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Nombre: Code of Good Practice on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work, 2012 (No. R451).
País: Sudáfrica
Tema(s): VIH/SIDA
Tipo de legislación: Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)
Adoptado el: 2012-06-15
Entry into force:
Publicado el: Government Gazette, 2012-06-15, No. 35435, pp. 25-43
ISN: ZAF-2012-M-94050
Bibliografía: Government Gazette, 2012-06-15, No. 35435, pp. 25-43
Legislation on-line Legislation on-line Department of Labour, South Africa PDF of Code PDF of Code (Consultado el 2013-09-03)
Resumen/cita: This Code of Good Practice was adopted following the adoption of the ILO HIV and AIDS Recommendation, 2010 (No. 200). It replaces the Code of Practice adopted in 2010 in order to better reflect the provisions in the Recommendation. The revised Code seeks to assist employers' workers' and their organisations in developing appropriate responses to HIV/AIDS, TB and STIs in the world of work in the framework of decent work in both the formal and informal sectors and the private and public sectors.

1. Definitions
2. Introduction
3. Objectives of the Code
4. Scope of the Code
5. Key Principles
6. Legal Framework
7. Elimination of Unfair Discrimination and Promotion of Equal Opportunity and Treatment
8. Promoting a Health and Safe Working Environment
9. Management of HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
10. Monitoring and Evaluation
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