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Nombre: Occupational Safety and Health (Safety Officers) Regulations, 2012 (S.I. 6 of 2012).
País: Seychelles
Tema(s): Seguridad y salud del trabajo
Tipo de legislación: Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza
Adoptado el: 2012-03-01
Entry into force:
Publicado el: Supplement to the Official Gazette, 2012-03-12, pp. 13-19
ISN: SYC-2012-R-91736
Bibliografía: Supplement to the Official Gazette, 2012-03-12, pp. 13-19
Resumen/cita: In enterprises of more than 50 workers, the employer is to ensure that a safety officer is elected. The employer is to inform the Chief Executive of the Ministry or Department responsible for the administration of the OSH Decree (the Director) in writing of the name of each safety officer or safety representative. The Director is to keep a registry of these names (article 3). The Safety officer is to carry out their work, as far as practicable, under the supervision of a person who has effective control over the work that is carried on within the enterprise (article 4). The employer is to provide all necessary facilities, equipment and information to the Safety Officer (article 5). The Regulations also set out the contents that are required in the Safety Officer's reports (article 6) and the action the employer must take on receipt of this report (article 7). Article 8 sets out the duties of the Safety Officer. Article 9 sets out the categories of premises that are, irrespective of the number of employees in the premises, considered as involving particular risks to safety and health in accordance with sections 26 and 5(2) of the OSH Decree. Article 10 provides that the Director has the power to appoint or designate a Safety Officer if the plant, process or substances to be used warrant such appointment, regardless of the number of persons employed.
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