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Nombre original: Zákon o rovném zacházení a o právních prostredcích ochrany pred diskriminací a o zmene nekterých zákonu (antidiskriminacní zákon).
Nombre: Act No. 198/2009 on Equal Treatment and Legal Protection Against Discrimination (Anti-discrimination Act).
País: Chequia
Tema(s): Igualdad de oportunidades y de trato
Tipo de legislación: Ley
Adoptado el: 2009-04-23
Entry into force:
Publicado el: Sbirka zakonu, 2009-06-29, No. 58, pp. 2822-2829
ISN: CZE-2009-L-91497
Bibliografía: Sbirka zakonu, 2009-06-29, No. 58, pp. 2822-2829
Act on-line in Czech Act on-line in Czech Ministerstvo vnitra Ceské republiky [Ministry of the Interior],, Prague, Czech Republic PDF of Act in Czech PDF of  Act in Czech (Consultado el 2012-11-12)
Resumen/cita: This Act impelments the relevant regulations of the European Communities, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms and other international treaties that are part of the legal system. These include-
a) the right to employment and access to employment;
b) access to the professions, business and other self-employment;
c) business, business conditions and other related activities, including remuneration;
d) membership and activities of trade unions, works councils or employers' organizations, including the benefits that these organizations to their members;
e) membership and activities in professional associations, including benefits that these public corporations provide to their members;
f) social security;
g) returns and the provision of social benefits;
h) access to health care and its delivery;
i) access to education and the provision thereof;
j) access to goods and services, including housing, if they are offered to the public or to deliver them.

PART ONE - Anti-Discrimination Laws
PART TWO - Amendment to the Act on the Public Defender of Rights
PART THREE - Changing the Rules of Civil Procedure
PART FOUR - Amendment to the Act on Salaries and remuneration for work readiness in budgetary and certain other organizations and bodies
PART FIVE - Amendment to the Act on Insurance Contracts (Act No. 37/2004)
PART SIX - Amendment to the Act on Insurance (Act No. 363/1999)
PART SEVEN - Entry into force
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