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Nombre: Minister of Labour Decree No. 160/Insurances on 7/3/1430 [hiji], establishing a table directory for determining occupational disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
País: Arabia Saudita
Tema(s): Seguridad y salud del trabajo
Tipo de legislación: Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza
Adoptado el: 2009-03-03
Entry into force:
Publicado el: Umm Al-Qura, 2009-04-03, No. 4247, pp. 11-31 (INFORM - P60680)
ISN: SAU-2009-R-83000
Bibliografía: Umm Al-Qura, 2009-04-03, No. 4247, pp. 11-31 (INFORM - P60680)
Resumen/cita: This Decree provides several provisions for determining the gravity for different occupational disabilities:
Chapter One: Cardiovascular
Chapter Two: Respiratory System
Chapter Three: Gastroenterology
Chapter Four: Urinary and genital system
Chapter Five: Dermatological malformations and diseases
Chapter Six: Blood disorders
Chapter Seven: The endocrine system
Chapter Eight: Ears, nose, throat, and hearing loss
Chapter Nine: Eye diseases and vision impairment
Chapter Ten: Nervous system
Chapter Eleven: Mental and behavioural problems
Chapter Twelve: Spinal cord
Chapter Thirteen: The upper body
Chapter Fourteen: The lower body
Chapter Fifteen: Pain

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