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Nombre: Code of Good Practice on the Employment of People with Disabilities, 2002 (No. 1345).
País: Sudáfrica
Tema(s): Trabajadores inválidos
Tipo de legislación: Otros textos (circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.)
Adoptado el: 2002-08-19
Entry into force:
Publicado el: Official Gazette, 2002-08-19, Vol. 446, No. 23702, pp. 3-20
ISN: ZAF-2002-M-62632
Bibliografía: Official Gazette, 2002-08-19, Vol. 446, No. 23702, pp. 3-20
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Legislation on-line Legislation on-line Department of Labour, South Africa PDF of Code PDF of Code (Consultado el 2013-09-03)
Resumen/cita: Made under Employment Equity Act 1998. Provides guide for employers and employees on promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment for people with disabilities, as required by Employment Equity Act. Intended to help employers and employees understand their rights and obligations, promote certainty and reduce disputes to ensure that people with disabilities can enjoy and exercise their rights at work. Divided into 17 parts. Part 1 contains foreword. Part 2 defines aims of code; Part 3 status of code. Part 4 sets forth legal framework; Part 5 definition of people with disabilities. Part 6 provides for accomodation of people with disabilities. Part 7 deals with recruitment and selection, Part 8 with medical and psychological testing, Part 9 with placement, Part 10 with training and career advancement, Part 11 with retraining of people with disabilities, Part 12 with termination of employment, Part 13 with workers' compensation, Part 14 with confidentiality and disclosure of disability, Part 15 with employee benefits, Part 16 with employment equity planning in respect of people with disabilities, and Part 17 with education and awareness.
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