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Nombre original: Työsopimuslaki
Nombre: Employment Contracts Act (55/2001)
País: Finlandia
Tema(s): Contratos de trabajo
Tipo de legislación: Ley
Adoptado el: 2001-01-01
Entry into force:
Publicado el: Soumen Säädöskokoelma, 2001-02-02, No. 55, 22
ISN: FIN-2001-L-58905
Bibliografía: Soumen Säädöskokoelma, 2001-02-02, No. 55, 22
Unofficial English translation (as amended) Unofficial English translation (as amended) FINLEX, Ministry of Justice, Finland PDF PDF (Consultado el 2011-05-27)
Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish Acts on-line in Finnish and Swedish FINLEX, Ministry of Justice, Finland PDF PDF (Consultado el 2011-05-27)
Resumen/cita: Contains 14 chapters governing work relations under labour contracts, covering, inter alia, general provisions (scope of application, form of labour contract, contract period, and labour contract for minor workers), employers' obligations (general obligation to promote good work relations, discrimination prohibition, work protection, duty to inform workers about main work conditions, obligation to offer work to part-time employees, obligation to abide by general collective agreement, minimum wages in the absence of collective agreement, wages during sickness period, and wage payment rules), employers' duties (general obligations, work protection, and conditions in case of activities by competitors), family leave (maternal and paternal leave, work during maternity benefit period, and sickness benefit period), dismissals (grounds, information and notification to workers), general conditions governing the repeal of labour contracts (period for dismissal notice, work certificates), grounds for dismissal (workers' personality, economic reasons, obligation to offer job and to arrange for training, bankruptcy and employer's death), grounds for immediate cancellation of labour contracts, procedure in case of labour contract cancellation (reference to ground for dismissal, hearings of worker and employer, employers' information duty), invalidity of labour contract and excessive conditions, labour contracts of international character (law applicable to the labour contract and applicability of the Expatriate Workers' Act No. 1146 of 1999), liability to pay damages (general liability, liability due to unjustified cancellation of labour contracts, compensation and unemployment benefit), and miscellaneous provisions (freedom of association, right to meeting locals outside working time, workers' representatives, accommodation advantages, non-derogatory nature of workers' rights and advantages as provided for under this Act, penal sanctions). Repeals the Employment Contracts Act (No. 320 of 1970). Unofficial translation (Ministry of Labour, 2004) available online in English.
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