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Nombre: Labour Code of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.
País: Viet Nam
Tema(s): Códigos de trabajo, Leyes laborales
Tipo de legislación: Ley
Adoptado el: 1994-06-23
Entry into force:
Publicado el: Printed separately, 67 p. (DOC.NORMES;INFORM)
ISN: VNM-1994-L-38229
Bibliografía: Printed separately, 67 p. (DOC.NORMES;INFORM)
Foreign Investment Laws of Vietnam. Loose-leaf Edition., 2002, Ministry of Planning and Investment of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Phillips Fox, Melbourne, Australia, Issue 48, Vol. III, IV, 013-1083 pp. (DOC.NORMES;INFORM)
Unofficial English translation (consolidated up to April 2002) Unofficial English translation (consolidated up to April 2002) Global Standards, Resources, Vietnam
Act on-line (unofficial English translation) Act on-line (unofficial English translation) National Information Network on OSH of Vietnam, National Institute of Labour Protection, Vietnam (Consultado el 2007-05-02)
French translation (as amended up to 2002) French translation (as amended up to 2002) Maison du Droit Vietnamo-Française, Viet Nam (DOC.NORMES) (Consultado el 2007-07-02)
Resumen/cita: Comprised of 17 Chapters and 198 provisions. Grants all persons the right to work in an occupation of their choice, and to improve their skills without discrimination on the basis of sex, social class, beliefs or religion. Prohibits all forms of forced labour, and provides for the right to strike in accordance with the law. Covers a broad range of labour matters including trade apprenticeship and training; the form and content of employment contracts and collective agreements; conditions of employment; social security and occupational health and safety. Specific provisions apply to women, young workers and disabled persons. Special terms are established for foreign organizations or individuals operating in Vietnam, foreigners working in Vietnam, and Vietnamese citizens working overseas. Requires that "the trade unions of the province" establish provisional trade union organizations at all enterprises currently operating without a trade union organization. Activities of such provisional trade union organizations shall be determined by the Government in conjunction with the Trade Union Federation of Vietnam. Sets out procedures for the resolution of individual and collective labour disputes.
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