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Nombre original: Forskrift (Nr 1339 af 2016) om endring i forskrift (Nr 1357 af 2011) om utførelse av arbeid, bruk av arbeidsutstyr og tilhørende tekniske krav (forskrift om utførelse av arbeid).
Nombre: Ordinance (No. 1339 of 2016) amending the Ordinance (No. 1357 of 2011) concerning the performance of work, use of work equipment and associated technical requirements (Ordinance on the performance of work).
País: Noruega
Tema(s): Seguridad y salud del trabajo
Tipo de legislación: Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza
Adoptado el: 2016-12-22
Entry into force:
ISN: NOR-2016-R-107211
Bibliografía: Ordinance online in Norwegian Ordinance online in Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Norsk Lovtidend,, Norway, 2 pp. PDF in Norwegian PDF in Norwegian (Consultado el 2018-09-21)
Resumen/cita: Amends article 2-4 ss.1 concerning the employer's responsibility for the workers access to the substance catalog with information on the chemicals and relevant safety data sheet and information sheet at the workplace, article 10-3 concerning work equipment subject to certification requirements, article 16a-1 ss.1a concerning level, frequency range and exposure time in connection with electromagnetic fields, new heading for article 17-2 "Requirements for training on assembly, dismantling, change and control of scaffold with upper scaffold floor from two meters to five meters" and new heading for article 17-4 "Requirements for training on assembly, dismantling, modification and control of scaffolding with nine-meter top scaffolding flooring and for scaffolding not assembled in the standard assembly according to the supplier's installation instructions".
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