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Nombre original: 2. Dienstrechts-Novelle 2016
Nombre: Second Employment Law Amendment 2016 (BGBl I 119/2016).
País: Austria
Tema(s): Seguridad del empleo; Condiciones de empleo; Condiciones de trabajo
Tipo de legislación: Ley
Adoptado el: 2016-12-30
Entry into force:
Publicado el: Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich Teil I, 2016-12-30, vol. 119
ISN: AUT-2016-L-104214
Bibliografía: Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich Teil I, 2016-12-30, vol. 119
Act on-line in German Act on-line in German Bundeskanzleramt, Rechtsinformationssystem (RIS), Austria PDF PDF (Consultado el 2017-05-08)
Resumen/cita: Main objectives of the amendment:
- Implementation of the pay agreement (of 30 November 2016) with the trade unions of public services on the salary scheme for 2017.
- Creation of the possibility of audiovisual interrogation for all - not only minor - witnesses in disciplinary proceedings.
- Implementation of the EU Directive 2014/54/EU on measures to facilitate the exercise of the rights enjoyed by workers within the framework of freedom of movement for persons, into national law.
- Establishment of a clear legal basis for collection of criminal record information both from legal practitioners as well as witnesses for admission to the judicial preparation service.
- Adjustment of the provisions on compensatory leave for civil servants.
- Combination of the application groups M BUO 1 / M ZUO 1 and M BUO 2 / M ZUO 2 into new application groups M BUO and M ZUO with effect from 1 January 2017.
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