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Recherche juridique

Journal/Gazette officiel(le)

Official Gazette - Uradni list Republike Slovenije
2006-10-25 - (Javno podjetje Uradni list Republike Slovenije d.o.o.)
Ljubljana. 1991- . Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P60708).

Liens juridiques

Constitution and legislation of the Republic of Slovenia
2006-10-25 - (Drzavni zbor - National Assembly (Parliament))
Provides access to the Constitution in Slovenian and English, as well as to draft and adopted laws from 1991 and legal acts (interalia, national programmes, declarations, resolutions, recommendations, orders, official interpretations of laws, decisions) from second term onwards. Available only in Slovenian. Free access.

Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs
Social and labour legislation in Slovenian (under "Dokumenti in zakonodaja"). Some acts available in English.

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