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Macédoine du Nord

Recherche juridique

Journal/Gazette officiel(le)

Official Gazette - Sluzhben Vesnik na Republika Makedonija
From 1993, Novinsko-Izdavacka rabotna organizacija Sluzhben Vesnik na Republika Makedonija, Skopje.

Liens juridiques

2007-03-06 - (Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia)
In English.

Economic Policy of Macedonia
2006-10-25 - (Macedonia FAQ website)
In English. Free access.

Laws and Court Practice
2006-10-25 - (The Macedonian Legal Resource Center, Universitet Kiril i Metodij)
Laws (from 1992) and legal practice (from 1961) in Macedonian. Some laws also available in English.

Laws of Macedonia
2006-10-25 - (Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia (Parliament))
Laws (from December 2002) available in Macedonian.

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
2006-10-25 - (Government of Macedonia)

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