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Recherche juridique

Journal/Gazette officiel(le)

Official Gazette - Laws of Jamaica and subsidiary legislation
West Falmouth. Caribbean Imprint Library Services. Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P60384).

Official Gazette - The Jamaica Gazette
Kingston, Jamaika, 1778- .
ILO Library receives the gazette from 1973. (INFORM P60384, 1973--, 1990-).

Liens juridiques

Jamaica Information Service - 2007-03-05 - (Government of Jamaica)
Includes an explanation as well as links to the Charter of Rights and other important legislation. In English.

Jurisprudence and Selected Legislation
2006-11-27 - (Supreme Court of Jamaica)
Provides access to selected laws as well as to judgements of the Supreme Court (from 1986 to present) and the Court of Appeal (from 1997 to present).

Labour Market Information Service
2007-03-05 - (Ministry of Labour and Social Security)
Includes a listing of labor laws currently in force as well as links to labour market indicators, analyses and other relevant information. In English.

Laws of Jamaica
2006-04-21 - (Ministry of Justice)
On-line database of Jamaican laws, searchable by text. In English.

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