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Liens juridiques

2007-03-01 - (International Constitutional Law - University of Bern)
In English.

Fiji Consolidated Legislation
2006-10-23 - (Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute)
Contains electronic versions of selected legislation from the 1985 Revised Edition of the Laws of Fiji.

Fiji Sessional Legislation
Contains electronic versions of selected sessional legislation enacted by the Parliament of Fiji Islands after 1984.

Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Productivity
2007-03-01 - (Govenment of Fiji)
Provides on-line access to several social and labour legislative acts and bills. In English.

Ministry of Women, Social Welfare, and Housing
2007-03-01 - (Government of Fiji)
Includes a description of ministerial activities and provides access to several issue-related documents.

Full texts of Acts (from 2002) as well as bills currently before the parliament.

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