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Diario/Boletín Oficial

Official Gazette of Japan
2005-05-31 - (Government of Japan)
The text is only available in Japanese and requires the downloading of the Adobe Japanese Reader which is provided on the site.

Links jurídicos

2007-03-05 - (Prime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet)
In English.

Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training
Includes research, reports and analysis, links to labor laws, and the Japan Labour Review. In English.

Japanese Law Translation
2009-06-19 - (Ministry of Justice, Japan)
Texts in English. several search functions available.

Law and Regulations
2007-03-05 - (Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications)
Current Japanese laws and regulations. In Japanese.

2005-04-21 - (House of Representatives)
A listing of laws legislated by the National Diet of Japan (1st session to present). In Japanese.

Legislative Bureau of the House of Councillors
House of Councillors - 2006-04-21 - (National Diet of Japan)
The Legislative Bureau of the House of Councillors is responsible for formulating and revising bills and research on legal matters. In Japanese.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Includes links to Labour Standards, Labour Policy and "Equal Employment, Promotion of Balancing Work and Family and Part-Time Work" as well as government white papers on the labor economy. In English and Japanese.

Supreme Court of Japan
Includes recent Supreme Court decisions, labor law cases, Intellectual Property Rights cases. In Japanese and English.

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