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Diario/Boletín Oficial

Official gazette - Commonwealth of Australia Gazette
Part g. Published at Canberra, by the Australian Government Publishing Service. 1971- . Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P60012)

Links jurídicos

2005-03-16 - (Parliament of Australia)
Allows the search in bills passed ou passing through the Australian Parliament.

Cases & Legislation
2005-07-07 - (Australasian Legal Information Institute)
Provides free of charge access to legislation and jurisprudence (both commonwealth and regional).

ComLaw - Commonwealth of Australia Law
2005-07-07 - (Attorney-General's Department)
Contains commonwealth primary legislation, as well as other ancillary documents and information, in electronic form. Incorporates the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments. Makes possible various types of free on line search in up-to-date texts (Bills, Acts, Regulations, etc.).

2007-03-01 - (Senate)

Employment and Workplace Relations Legislation
2005-07-08 - (Federal Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.)
Basic labour legislation.

Foolkit - A Lawyer's Toolkit
2011-05-13 - (Foolkit) - PO Box 326, Goodwood, SA 5034, Australia
Contains information on legislation, case law, and legal practice issues. Information is targeted towards those in the legal profession as well as the general public.

Human Rights Legislation
2005-07-07 - (Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission)

SAI Global - 2005-07-09
Two options provided: on line search engine across all jurisdictions or subject index of principal Australian legislation. Free access to Acts, Bills and Regulations.

National Library of Australia
2005-05-18 - (National Library of Australia) - Canberra
A directory of numerous resources providing information about Australian law (inter alia, general law sites and links to Law by Jurisdiction). Also provides an overview of the Australian legal system.

Social Security and Family Legislation
2005-07-07 - (Department of Family and Community Services)

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