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South Africa

Legal research

Legal research links

Constitution of South Africa
Polity - 2006-12-05 - (Creamer Media)
In English.

Labour Legislation
2006-03-27 - (Department of Labour)
Access to labour legislation. Main labour acts and regulations.

Parliament of South Africa
Search in bills (from 1998) and acts (from 1993) of the Parliament. Texts in English.

2006-03-27 - (Creamer Media)
Access to bills (from 1995) and acts (from 1993) of the Parliament.

South African Legislation
2006-03-27 - (Governement Communication and Information System)
Constitution, acts (from 1993), bills (from 1996), as well as regulations.

Official Gazette information

Official Gazette - Staatskoerant
Government Gazette. Pretoria. Government Printer. 1967-1997. Available in hardcopy version (INFORM P60720).
The Library receives regular issues. Available on microfilm for the years 1984-1991.


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Last updated: Monday - 24th February 2020