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Principaux textes de droit du travail

Arabie saoudite - Principaux textes dans NATLEX

01.01) Droit constitutionnel
     Law on the Council of Ministers, 1993 (Royal Order No. A/13).
     Royal Order No.A/91, of 1 March 1992, to promulgate the Constitution of the Consultative Council
     Royal Order No.A/90, of 1 March 1992, to promulgate the Constitution.
     Law on the Allegiance Council, 2006.

01.02) Codes du travail, Lois générales sur le travail ou l'emploi
     Labour Law (Royal Decree No. M/51)

01.05) Droits de l'homme
     Ministerial Council Decision No. 244 in 20/7/1430 hijri on Prevention of Human Trafficking.

04.01) Travail dangereux des enfants
     Ministerial Order No. 2840/1 of 2006 concerning the occupations and jobs that may endanger the minors morals, health and safety.
     Ministerial Order No. 2839/1 of 2006.

05) Égalité de chances et de traitement
     Royal Decree No. M/96, Dated 16 Ramadan 1439 A.H. approving the Anti-Harassment Law.
     Order No. 37 of 1994.

07.01) Inspection du travail
     Labour Inspection Order (no. 435 4/11/1404 H.)

08.01) Travailleurs handicapés
     Order of the Council of Ministers No. 85 of 7 May 1997.

09) Education, orientation et formation professionnelles
     Executive Rules and Procedures regulating vocational training in the private sector.

11) Coopératives
     Cooperative Law No. 26 [1962].

15) Sécurité sociale (Normes d'ensemble)
     Social Insurance Law (Royal Decree M/33).

17) Travailleurs migrants
     Council's decision No. 166 of 12 July 2000 on Regulations concerning the relationship between employers and foreign workers.

22.10) Fonctionnaires et agents publics
     Royal Decree No. 49 of 1977 to promulgate Civil Service Regulations.

23) Accords internationaux
     Decree of the Council of Ministers No. 93/2009 on the Ratification of the Arab Charter on Human Rights.

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