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Principales textos de derecho laboral

Alemania - Principales texto en NATLEX

01.01) Constituciones
     Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany (GG).
     Federal Constitutional Court Act, 1951.

01.03) Códigos civiles, Códigos de comercio
     Act to combat child marriages.
     Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch-BGB).
     Act to combat forced marriages and to better protect victims of forced marriage, and to amend some Acts on residence and asylum.
     Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO).

01.04) Códigos penales, Códigos de procedimiento penal
     Penal Code (StGB).

01.05) Derechos humanos
     Act on the Status and Tasks of the German Institute for Human Rights (DIMRG).

02) Libertad sindical, negociación colectiva y relaciones laborales
     Act on European Works Council (EBRG).
     Collective Agreements Act [Act of 25 August 1969]

04) Eliminación del trabajo infantil, protección de los niños y jóvenes
     Youth Protection Act (Jugendschutzgesetz - JuSchG).
     Young Persons (Protection of Employment) Act (JArbSchG).
     Act to combat child marriages.
     Social Code - Book VIII - Children and Youth.

04.01) Trabajo infantil peligroso
     Young Persons (Protection of Employment) Act (JArbSchG).

05) Igualdad de oportunidades y de trato
     Act promoting remuneration transparency between women and Men (Transparency of Remuneration Act).
     Act on Equality between Women and Men in the Federal Administration and in Federal Enterprises and Courts (Federal Act on Gender Equality)
     Act on Equal Opportunities of Women and Man in the Federal Administration, Enterprises and Federal Courts (Gender Equality Act)(BGBl 1. 17/2015)
     General Act on Equal Treatment (Law to implement the European Directive on the realization the principle of equal treatment) (AGG).

05.02) Trabajadores con responsabilidades familiares
     Act on Family Care Leave.
     Act to implement: Parental Allowance with Partnership bonus and flexible Parental leave to the Parental Allowances and Parental Leave Act
     Act to Improve Compatibility between Family, Care and Work.

08) Política de empleo y promoción del empleo, servicios del empleo
     Social Code - Book III - Employment Promotion.

08.01) Trabajadores inválidos
     Social Code - Book IX - Rehabilitation and Participation of Disabled Persons.
     Equality for Persons with Disabilities Act (BGG).

08.02) Trabajadores de edad avanzada
     Act to Improve Employment Opportunities For Older Workers.

09) Educación, orientación y formación profesionales
     Act on the recognition of professional qualifications.
     Vocational Education Reform Act (BerBiRefG).
     Vocational Training Act (BBiG).

10) Seguridad del empleo
     Protection against Dismissal Act (KSchG).

12.02) Salarios
     Act introducing the Insolvency Ordinance (EGInsO).
     Minimum Wage Act, 2014 (BGBl. I S. 1348).

13.01) Horas de trabajo, descanso semanal y vacaciones pagadas
     Act on part-time and temporary work (TzBfG).
     Hours of Work Act (ArbZG).

14) Seguridad y salud del trabajo
     Labour Protection Act (ArbSchG)(BGBl. IS. 1246).

14.01) Protección contra riesgos particulares
     Act on protection against harmful effects of exposure to ionising radiation (Radiation Protection Act).

15) Seguridad social
     Social Code - Book II - Basic Security for Jobseekers.
     Act to intensify measures against illegal employment and tax evasion connected with illegal employment (Act to Combat Clandestine Employment).
     Social Code - Book VI - Statutory Pension Insurance

15.03) Prestaciones por accidentes de trabajo y enfermedades profesionales
     Social Code - Book VII - Employment Accident Insurance.

15.05) Asistencia y servicios sociales
     Social Code - Book XII - Social Assistance.

15.06) Administración y financiación
     Social Code - Book X - Social and Administrative Procedures and Protection of Social Data.

16) Protección de la maternidad
     Act on protection of mothers at work, education and studies (Maternity Protection Act).

17) Trabajadores migrantes
     Act on the Residence, Economic Activity and Integration of Foreigners in the Federal Territory (Residence Act)
     Act on the recognition of professional qualifications.
     Residence Act (Zuwanderungsgesetz).
     Freedom of Movement for EU Citizens Act (FreizügG/EU).

18) Gente de mar
     Act on the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, the International Labour Organisation of 23 February 2006
     Maritime Labour Act, 2013 (BGBl. I S. 868).
     Federal Maritime Responsibility Act (SeeaufgG).

22.10) Funcionarios y trabajadores del servicio público
     Federal Civil Service Act (BBG).
     Framework Law for the Consolidation of the Civil Serants Law (BRRG).

22.15) Trabajadores domesticos
     Act on Convention No. 189 of the International Labour Organization of 16 June 2011 concerning Domestic Workers.

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