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Basic labour law information

Libya - Basic laws in NATLEX

01.01) Constitutional law
     Constitution of Libya, 2012.
     Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People.

01.02) Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
     Law No. 12 of 1378 [2010] on Labour Relations.
     Labour Code (No. 58 of 1970).

01.03) Civil, commercial and family law
     Libyan Civil Code.
     Law No. 65 for the year 1970 concerning trades and commercial companies.

01.04) Criminal and penal law
     Prisons Law (No. 47 of 1975).
     Penal Code.
     Law No. 10 of 2013 concerning the Criminalization of Torture, Forced Abduction, and Discrimination.

01.05) Human rights
     Promotion of Liberty Law (No. 20 of 1991)
     Law (No. 5 of 1991) on the application of the principles of the Great Green Charter of Human Rights in the Jamahiriyan Era.
     The Great Green Charter of Human Rights in the Jamahiriyan Era (188).

01.07) Environmental, Climate and Sustainable Development Laws
     Law No. 7 of 1982 on the protection of the environment.

02) Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
     Law No. 65 of 2012 regulating Peaceful Demonstrations.
     Law No. 23 of 1998 on Trade Unions, Federations and Professional Associations.
     Law of 1375 b.p. promulgating the Labour Relations Law.
     Law No. 107 on Trade Unions, 1975.

04) Elimination of child labour, protection of children and young persons
     Children's Protection Law (No. 5 of 1997)

05) Equality of opportunity and treatment
     People's General Committee Order No. 258 of 1989 concerning Women Training.
     Law No. 8 of 1989 concerning the right of women to apply for positions in the judiciary.
     Law No. 10 of 2013 concerning the Criminalization of Torture, Forced Abduction, and Discrimination.

08) Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
     Law No. 19 of 1998 on the organization of the services rendered by the administrative units to its members.

08.01) Disabled workers
     Law No. 5 of 1987 on disabled persons.

09) Education, vocational guidance and training
     Law No. 37/1973 on Manpower Development and Training.

11) Cooperatives
     Loi (No. 46 de 1971) sur les associations coopératives agricoles.

12.02) Wages
     Law No. 15 of 1981 on Wages for Workers.

13.01) Hours of work, weekly rest and paid leave
     Decision No. 489 of 2005 concerning some provisions of official working hours and official holidays.

14) Occupational safety and health
     Law No. 93/1976 on industrial safety and the protection of workers.

14.01) Protection against particular hazards
     Law No. 2 of 1982 on the regulation of the use of, and protection against, ionising radiation.

15) Social security (general standards)
     Law No. 13 of 1980 on Social Security

15.06) Administration and financing
     Law No. 20 of 1998 on the Social Security Fund.

19) Fishers
     Regulating Fishing Law No. 8 of 1962.

22.10) Public and civil servants
     Law No. 55 of 1976 on the Civil Service.

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Last updated: Thursday - 25th February 2021