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The NATLEX COUNTRY PROFILES DATABASE brings together information on national labour law and the application of international labour standards in one portal. The profiles include:

  • Basic information (membership, ILO office, etc.)

  • Ratifications -- including ratifications of up-to-date conventions by theme

  • Reporting requirements

  • Comments of the ILO's supervisory bodies (CEACR, Conference Committee and CFA)

  • Basic laws of the country in NATLEX

  • Legislative profiles resulting from the integrated approach to standard-related activities (OSH and migrant workers when available)

  • Related documents (including Decent Work Country Programmes)

  • Legal research links

The country profiles draw from the ILO's APPLIS, ILOLEX, LibSynd and NATLEX databases as well as other ILO sources. For information purposes, the Country Profiles also contain links to non-ILO websites; their inclusion does not signify responsibility for, or approval of, their content on the part of the ILO.

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Last updated: Wednesday - 1st December 2021