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Membre de l'OIT: 1919-

Région OIT: Europe

Bureau régional de l'OIT: BR-Genève

Bureau sous-régional de l'OIT: BSR-Budapest

Nouveau dans NATLEX:

Act of 5th July 2018 to amend Act on Public Funding of Healthcare and some other Acts (Dz. U. no 1532)

Act of 4th October 2018 on agricultural cooperatives (Dz. U. no 2073)

Act of 4th October 2018 on employee capital plans (Dz. U. no 2215)

Act of 13th September 2018 to amend: Act on social security cash benefits in case of sickness and maternity; Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities; and Act on Public Funding of Healthcare (Dz. U. no 1925)

Act of 23rd October 2018 on Solidarity Fund to support disabled people (Dz. U. no 2192)

Act of 20th July 2018 - Law on Higher Education and Science (Dz. U. no 1669)

Act of 4th March 2005 on European economic interest grouping and European Company (Dz. U. 2005 No 62 pos. 551)

Act of the 9th November 2018 to amend the Act on National Labour Inspectorate (Dz. U. no 2282)

Act of 20th July 2018 to amend some Acts for the purpose of lowering national insurance contributions of natural persons performing economic activity on a smaller scale (Dz. U. no 1577)

Act of 5th July 2018 on succession board of a natural person's business (Dz. U. no 1629)

Act of 22nd July 2006 on European Cooperative

Act of 5th July 2018 to amend Trade Unions Act and some other Acts (Dz. U. no 1608)

Act of 25th April 2008 on employees' participation in company created as a result of cross border merger of companies (Dz. U. no 525)

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