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United States

ILO Member: 1934-1977; 1980-

ILO Region: Americas

New NATLEX entries:

USA-1967-L-98676 (American Samoa)
Government Employees Code (A.S.C.A., Title 07).

USA-1967-L-98677 (American Samoa)
Educational Institutions Code (A.S.C.A., Title 16)

USA-1967-L-98678 (American Samoa)
Professions Code (A.S.C.A., Title 31).

USA-1967-L-98679 (American Samoa)
Labor Code (A.S.C.A., Title 32).

USA-1967-L-98680 (American Samoa)
Citizenship, Alienage, and Immigration (A.S.C.A., Title 41)

USA-1967-L-98681 (American Samoa)
Juvenile Justice Code (A.S.C.A., Title 45).

USA-1967-L-98682 (American Samoa)
Criminal Justice Code (A.S.C.A., Title 46).

USA-1967-L-98683 (American Samoa)
Domestic and Family Violence (A.S.C.A., Title 47).

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Last updated: Friday - 29th May 2015