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Russian Federation

ILO Member: 1934-1940; 1954-

ILO Region: Europe

ILO Regional office: RO-Geneva

ILO Sub-Regional office: SRO-Moscow

New NATLEX entries:

Federal Law No. 475-FZ of 25 December 2018 on Amateur Fishing and Amendment of Certain Legal Acts of the Russian Federation.

Federal Law No. 290-FZ of 3 August 2018 on International Organisations and International Funds (version with amendments from 26 November 2019).

Agreement between the Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation on social security. Done at Moscow on 19 December 2017.

Federal Law No. 288-FZ of 3 August 2018 on Ratification of the Convention on Safety and Health in Construction (Construction No 167).

Federal Law No. 501-FZ of 27 December 2018 on Children's Rights Commissioners in Russian Federation.

Federal Law No. 461-FZ of 11 December 2018 to Amend Article 23 of the Law "On the Employment of the Population” and Articles 52 and 60.1 of the Law ‘On State Civil Service’ Aimed at Improvement of the Rotation Mechanism of State Civil Servants.

Federal Law No. 190-FZ of 3 June 2018 to Amend the Law "On the Employment of the Population” with Regard to Improve the Mechanism Increasing Labor Recourses Mobility.

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Last updated: Monday - 3rd August 2020