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ILO Member: 1919-

ILO Region: Europe

ILO Regional office: RO-Geneva

New NATLEX entries:

Law N° 4075 of 2012 concerning issues of Regulation of the Social Welfare Insurance (IKA-ETAM), of the Insurance Agencies, adaptation of the legislation to the Directive 2010/18/EU and other provisions.

Law N°4038/2012: Emergency adjustments concerning the implementation of the medium-term fiscal strategy 2012-2015

Law N° 4057/2012: Disciplinary Law of Public, Political and Administrative Employees and Employees of Public Entities.

Law N° 4047/2012: Promulgation of the Statutory Act "Urgent measures implementing the medium-term fiscal strategy 2012-2015 and the 2011 State Budget" and of the Statutory Act "Adjustments of emergency issues regarding the implementation of the Law N°4024/2011 [concerning issues of retirement pensions, of unified wage system - grading system, employment reserves and other provisions concerning the mid-term framework of fiscal strategy 2012-2015] and regarding the Ministries of Administrative Reform and E-Governance, of Internal Affairs, of Finance, of Environment, Energy and Climatic Change and of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religion concerning the implementation of the medium-term fiscal strategy 2012-2015" and other provisions.

Law N° 4071/2012 transposing Council Directive 2009/50/EC of 25 May 2009 on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purposes of highly qualified employment.

Law N°4078/2012 ratifying the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, of the International Labour Organisation.

Law N°4097/2012 transposing the European Parliament and Council Directive 2010/41/EU on the application of the principle of equal treatment between men and women engaged in an activity in a self-employed capacity.

Law N°4093/2012 approving the medium-term fiscal strategy 2013-2016 and introducing emergency measures implementing Law N° 4046/2012 and the medium-term fiscal strategy 2013-2016.

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Last updated: Saturday - 28th November 2015