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United Kingdom

ILO Member: 1919-

ILO Region: Europe

ILO Regional office: RO-Geneva

New NATLEX entries:

GBR-2019-L-109901 (Isle of Man)
Criminal Evidence Act 2019 (Act 4 of 2019).

GBR-2018-L-109902 (Isle of Man)
Data Protection Act 2018 (Act 10 of 2018).

GBR-1934-L-109904 (Isle of Man)
Boiler Act 1934.

GBR-2020-L-109882 (Jersey)
Employment (Amendment No. 11) (Jersey) Law 2020 (L-01-2020).

GBR-2020-L-109883 (Jersey)
Covid-19 (Enabling Provisions) (Jersey) Law 2020 (L-02-2020) (Chapter 20.055).

GBR-2019-L-109886 (Jersey)
Commissioner for Children and Young People (Jersey) Law 2019 (L-08-2019).

GBR-2018-L-109888 (Jersey)
Sexual Offences (Jersey) Law, 2018.

GBR-1985-L-109934 (Guernsey)
Protection of Children (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1985.

GBR-2005-L-109935 (Guernsey)
Employment Protection (Guernsey) (Amendment) Law, 2005 (No. 1 of 2006) (Consolidated text).

GBR-2019-L-109885 (Jersey)
Children and Education (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2020 (L-03-2020)

Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution) (Tuvalu) Order, 1975 (CAP 48:30).

GBR-2018-L-109887 (Jersey)
Data Protection (Jersey) Law, 2018.

GBR-2018-L-109889 (Jersey)
Criminal Procedure (Jersey) Code, 2018.

GBR-1926-L-109936 (Guernsey)
Loi ayant rapport l'Emploi de Femmes, de Jeunes Personnes et d'Enfants [1926].

Children Act 1989 (Amendment) (Female Genital Mutilation) Act 2019 (2019 c. 10).

GBR-1974-L-109903 (Isle of Man)
Agriculture (Safety Health and Welfare Provisions) Act 1974.

GBR-1928-L-109905 (Isle of Man)
Dangerous Goods Act 1928.

GBR-1954-L-109906 (Isle of Man)
Dangerous Goods Act 1954.

GBR-1975-L-109908 (Isle of Man)
Fire Precautions Act 1975 (At 18 of 1975). .

GBR-1977-L-109909 (Isle of Man)
Health and Safety at Work Etc Act 1977 (Act 1 of 1977).

GBR-1909-L-109912 (Isle of Man)
White Phosphorus Matches Prohibition Act 1909 (Act 4 of 1909).

GBR-1995-L-109914 (Isle of Man)
Pension Schemes Act 1995 (Act 11 of 1995).

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 (2020 c. 1).

GBR-2017-L-109931 (Guernsey)
Severe Disability Benefit and Carer's Allowance Ordinance, 2017 (Ordinance XXXVI of 2017).

GBR-1967-L-109932 (Guernsey)
Children and Young Persons (Gurnsey) Law, 1967.

GBR-2008-L-109933 (Guernsey)
Children (Guernsey and Alderney) Law, 2008.

GBR-1950-L-109907 (Isle of Man)
Fire Escapes Act 1950.

GBR-1923-L-109910 (Isle of Man)
Mechanical Contrivances Regulation Act 1923 (Act 3 of 1923).

GBR-2006-L-109911 (Isle of Man)
Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2006 (Act 19 of 2006).

GBR-2000-L-109915 (Isle of Man)
Retirement Benefits Schemes Act 2000 (AT 14 of 2000).

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Last updated: Saturday - 6th June 2020