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New NATLEX entries:

CAN-2014-L-97719 (Nova Scotia)
Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications System Reform (2014) Act, 2014 (2014, c. 3).

CAN-2013-L-97727 (Nova Scotia)
An Act to Amend Chapter 7 of the Acts of 1996, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (c. 41, 2013).

CAN-1988-L-97736 (Nunavut)
Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupations Certification Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c A-4.

CAN-1997-L-97738 (Nunavut)
Children's Law Act, SNWT (Nu) 1997, c 14.

CAN-1988-L-97740 (Nunavut)
Co-operative Associations Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c C-19.

CAN-1988-L-97743 (Nunavut)
Employment Agencies Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c E-5.

CAN-1988-L-97744 (Nunavut)
Environmental Protection Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c E-7.

CAN-2003-L-97746 (Nunavut)
Human Rights Act, S.Nu 2003, c 12.

CAN-1988-L-97748 (Nunavut)
Labour Standards Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c L-1.

CAN-1994-L-97749 (Nunavut)
Mine Health and Safety Act, SNWT (Nu) 1994, c 25

CAN-1988-L-97750 (Nunavut)
Nunavut Employees Union Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c U-1.

CAN-1988-L-97751 (Nunavut)
Occupational Training Agreements Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c 16 (Supp).

CAN-2000-L-97814 (Alberta)
Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act (Chapter P-18).

CAN-2014-L-97720 (Nova Scotia)
An Act to Amend Chapter 1 of the Acts of 2003 the Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act, 2014 (2014, c. 41).

CAN-1989-L-97722 (Nova Scotia)
Civil Service Act (R.S., 1989, c. 70).

CAN-1988-L-97737 (Nunavut)
Boilers and Pressure Vessels Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c B-2.

CAN-1988-L-97755 (Nunavut)
Beneficiaries Designation Act (Retirement, Savings and Other Plans), RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c R-6.

CAN-2013-L-97753 (Nunavut)
Public Service Act, SNu 2013, c 26.

CAN-1988-L-97819 (Manitoba)
Remembrance Day Act (C.C.S.M. c. R80).

CAN-2013-L-97723 (Nova Scotia)
Widows' Pension Act, 2013 (2013, c. 12).

CAN-1989-L-97724 (Nova Scotia)
Pension Benefits Act (1989, c. 340).

CAN-2013-L-97729 (Saskatchewan)
The Saskatchewan Employment Act (Chapter S-15.1).

CAN-1998-L-97741 (Nunavut)
Community Employees' Benefits Program Transfer Act, SNWT (Nu) 1998, c 30.

CAN-2008-L-97742 (Nunavut)
Education Act, S.Nu 2008, c 15.

CAN-1988-L-97756 (Nunavut)
Senior Citizens Benefits Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c S-7.

CAN-2008-L-97747 (Nunavut)
Inuit Language Protection Act, S.Nu 2008, c 17.

CAN-1988-L-97745 (Nunavut)
Environmental Rights Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c 83 (Supp).

CAN-1987-L-97820 (Manitoba)
Retail Businesses Holiday Closing Act C.C.S.M. c. R120

CAN-2013-L-97754 (Nunavut)
Representative for Children and Youth Act, Consolidation of, SNu 2013, c 27.

CAN-1988-L-97752 (Nunavut)
Pesticide Act, RSNWT (Nu) 1988, c P-4.

CAN-2000-L-97816 (Alberta)
Special Payment Act (Chapter S-17).

CAN-2009-L-97823 (Manitoba)
Worker Recruitment and Protection Act C.C.S.M. c. W197

CAN-2014-L-97721 (Nova Scotia)
An Act to Amend Chapter 70 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Civil Service Act, 2014 (2014, c. 44).

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