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ILO Region: Americas

New NATLEX entries:

CAN-2003-L-95846 (Nova Scotia)
Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act (c. 1, 2003).

CAN-1995-L-95912 (Northwest Territories)
Education Act (S.N.W.T. 1995,c.28).

CAN-1974-L-96482 (Prince Edward Island)
Dependants of a Deceased Person Relief Act (Chapter D-7).

CAN-1997-L-96507 (Ontario)
Fairness for Parents and Employees Act (Teachers' Withdrawal of Services), 1997, S.O. 1997, c. 32.

CAN-1990-L-96522 (Ontario)
Indian Welfare Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. I.4.

CAN-1996-L-96465 (British Columbia)
Industrial Development Act [RSBC 1996] c. 220.

CAN-1974-L-96484 (Prince Edward Island)
Designation of Beneficiaries Under Benefit Plans Act (Chapter D-9).

CAN-1974-L-96486 (Prince Edward Island)
Labour Act (Chapter L-1).

CAN-1996-L-96530 (Ontario)
MPPs Pension Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c. 6, Sched. A.

CAN-2001-L-96485 (Prince Edward Island)
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Chapter F-15.01).

CAN-1964-L-96603 (Québec)
Loi sur le régime de retraite des fonctionnaires (dans sa teneur modifiée au 1er août 2014).

CAN-1993-L-96539 (Ontario)
Health Care and Residential Facilities Regulations (O. Reg. 67/93).

CAN-1988-L-96489 (Prince Edward Island)
Teachers' Superannuation Act (Chapter T-1).

CAN-1968-L-96612 (Québec)
Loi sur le protecteur du citoyen (dans sa teneur modifiée au 1er août 2014).

An Act to amend the Citizenship Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts (S.C. 2014, c. 22).

CAN-2006-L-96463 (British Columbia)
Representative for Children and Youth Act [SBC 2006] c. 29.

CAN-2010-L-96494 (Ontario)
Ambulance Services Collective Bargaining Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c. 10.

CAN-2014-L-96495 (Ontario)
Children and Youth in Care Day Act, 2014, S.O. 2014, c. 2.

CAN-1992-L-96497 (Ontario)
Community Small Business Investment Funds Act, 1992, S.O. 1992, c. 18.

CAN-1992-L-96483 (Prince Edward Island)
Employment Standards Act (Chapter E-6.2).

CAN-1965-L-96638 (Québec)
Code de procédure civile (dans sa teneur modifiée au 1er août 2014).

CAN-1981-L-96480 (Prince Edward Island)
Boilers and Pressure Vessels Act (Chapter B-5).

Occupational Health and Safety Act (Chapter O-1.01).

Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act (S.C. 2014, c. 6).

CAN-1974-L-96479 (Prince Edward Island)
Blind Workers' Compensation Act (Chapter B-4).

CAN-2012-L-96492 (Prince Edward Island)
Apprenticeship and Trades Qualification Act (Chapter A-15.2).

CAN-1998-L-96491 (Prince Edward Island)
Civil Service Superannuation Act (Chapter C-9).

CAN-1990-L-96487 (Prince Edward Island)
Youth Employment Act (Chapter Y-2).

CAN-1995-L-96524 (Ontario)
Labour Relations Act, 1995, S.O. 1995, c. 1, Sched. A.

CAN-1997-L-96553 (Ontario)
Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997, S.O. 1997, c. 25, Sched. B.

An Act to amend the Employment Insurance Act (incarceration) (S.C. 2013, c. 35).

CAN-1990-L-96500 (Ontario)
Discriminatory Business Practices Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. D.12.

CAN-1975-L-96611 (Québec)
Loi sur les régimes complémentaires d'avantages sociaux dans l'industrie de la construction (dans sa teneur modifiée au 1er août 2014).

CAN-2001-L-96613 (Québec)
Loi sur le Protecteur des usagers en matière de santé et de services sociaux (dans sa teneur modifiée au 1er août 2014).

CAN-2010-L-96531 (Ontario)
Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010, S.O. 2010, c. 15.

An Act to amend the Criminal Code (kidnapping of young person) (S.C. 2013, c. 32).

CAN-2005-L-96653 (Québec)
Loi sur le Commissaire à la santé et au bien-être (dans sa teneur modifiée au 1er août 2014).

CAN-1974-L-96478 (Prince Edward Island)
Age of Majority Act (Chapter A-8).

Fair Elections Act (S.C. 2014, c. 12).

CAN-1990-L-96520 (Ontario)
Homemakers and Nurses Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.10.

Canada-Honduras Economic Growth and Prosperity Act (S.C. 2014, c. 14).

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Governance Act (S.C. 2014, c. 1).

Offshore Health and Safety Act (S.C. 2014, c. 13).

CAN-1996-L-96464 (British Columbia)
Fire and Police Services Collective Bargaining Act [RSBC 1996] c. 142.

Northwest Territories Devolution Act (S.C. 2014, c. 2).

First Nations Elections Act (S.C. 2014, c. 5).

CAN-1974-L-96481 (Prince Edward Island)
Co-operative Associations Act (Chapter C-23).

CAN-1990-L-96499 (Ontario)
Dangerous Goods Transportation Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. D.1.

CAN-1990-L-96501 (Ontario)
Employers and Employees Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. E.12.

CAN-2001-L-96552 (Ontario)
Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c. 32.

Northern Jobs and Growth Act (S.C. 2013, c. 14).

CAN-2012-L-96508 (Ontario)
Government Services and Service Providers Act (ServiceOntario), 2012, S.O. 2012, c. 8, Sched. 21.

CAN-2008-L-96467 (British Columbia)
Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement Implementation Act [SBC 2008] c. 39.

CAN-2009-L-96502 (Ontario)
Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Act (Live-in Caregivers and Others), 2009, S.O. 2009, c.32.

CAN-1964-L-96654 (Québec)
Loi sur les décrets de conventions collectives (dans sa teneur modifiée au 1er août 2014).

Tla'amin Final Agreement Act (S.C. 2014, c. 11).

CAN-2010-L-96523 (Ontario)
Indian Lands Agreement (1986) Confirmation Act, 2010, S.O. 2010, c. 1, Sched. 10.

CAN-1983-L-96490 (Prince Edward Island)
Civil Service Act (Chapter C-8).

CAN-2001-L-96496 (Ontario)
Civil Remedies Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c. 28.

CAN-1990-L-96509 (Ontario)
Health Insurance Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.6.

CAN-2005-L-96518 (Ontario)
Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario Act, 2005, S.O. 2005, c. 28, Sched. G.

CAN-1965-L-96606 (Québec)
Loi sur le régime des rentes du Québec (dans sa teneur modifiée au 1er août 2014).

CAN-1990-L-96493 (Ontario)
Age of Majority and Accountability Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. A.7.

CAN-1996-L-96434 (British Columbia)
Age of Majority Act [RSBC 1996] c. 7.

Yale First Nation Final Agreement Act (S.C. 2013, c. 25).

CAN-2009-L-96466 (British Columbia)
Labour Mobility Act [SBC 2009] c. 20.

An Act to amend the Criminal Code (prize fights) (S.C. 2013, c. 19).

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