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The Reverse Brain Drain Project, Thailand


The Reverse Brain Drain Project (RBD) was established within Thailand's National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) in 1997. Initially, a Reverse Brain Drain Committee was appointed by the Thai Cabinet to administer and supervise the Project. Under the Committee's policy and guidelines, a number of overseas Thai professionals returned to Thailand to collaborate on a variety of research projects. Around 35 such projects were initiated before RBD began to shift its emphasis to short-term visits involving knowledge sharing, seminars and technology transfer workshops. The Project facilitates and coordinates technology and knowledge transfers through short-term visits of overseas Thais and the development of institutional linkages between Thai agencies and Thais abroad. Through e-newsletters, RBD also disseminates information about Thailand's science and technology needs among its network of overseas Thai professionals, Thai government agencies, academic communities and the industrial sector.


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