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Adaptation to climate change in Rivière des Galets, Mauritius

  • Responsible Organisations: International Organization for Migration (IOM) (International Organisation)
  • ILO Regions: Africa
  • Country(ies): Mauritius
  • Thematic areas: Policy coherence; Protection
  • MLFLM: 1.(a),(b); 2.; 4.; 5.; 7.; 12.; 15.; 8.; 9.(a),(b),(c); 11.


As part of the project 'The Other Migrants: Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Development in the Republic of Mauritius', the International Organization for Migration (IOM) implemented pilot projects with the aim of providing alternative livelihoods for communities in Mauritius that are becoming economically and socially vulnerable as a result of climate change and environmental degradation. The main project, on the making of plates from the sheaths of palm trees, entailed deep engagement with the community within which it was implemented- Rivière des Galets. The project provided capacity-building training for five beneficiaries (four women and one man) in vulnerable situations. Two training programmes were designed for them- one on personal development and basic entrepreneurial skills and the other on the transfer of skills in the making of the leaf plates. The beneficiaries also attended a training offered by the National Institute for Cooperatives in September 2011 on cooperative entrepreneurship. The course improved the beneficiaries' understanding of the procedure for registering a cooperative, and basic management principles. Special moulding machines required for the production of the plates were imported from India. The project also implemented a marketing strategy for the sale of the leaf plates, which involved developing a brand name and partnering with the supermarket chain Winners.


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