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Foreign Labor Operations Information System (FLOIS) for the protection of migrant workers

  • Responsible Organisations: International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB), Government of the Philippines (Government); International Labour Organization (ILO) (International Organisation)
  • ILO Regions: Asia and the Pacific
  • Country(ies): Philippines
  • Thematic areas: Evidence-based policy making; Policy coherence
  • MLFLM: 3.; 1.(a),(b); 2.; 4.; 5.; 7.; 12.; 15.


The International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB) of the Philippines is mandated to provide policy guidelines, technical assistance and administrative support to the Secretary of Labor and Employment in the management and operations of the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs) serving millions of migrant Filipino workers in strategic locations across the globe. The ILAB has recently developed an interactive computer-based Foreign Labor Operations Information System (FLOIS) to upgrade its capability to efficiently respond to the growing requirements of its clients and the information needs of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). FLOIS was designed to ensure that the data of the Department's foreign operations is up-to-date, intact, reliable, and responsive to the needs of the DOLE Secretariat and other stakeholders. As part of the ILO's European Union-funded 'Decent Work Across Borders' (DWAB) project, training material was developed to facilitate use of the newly created FLOIS system. The training material is used by DOLE/ILAB in the training of its staff in the Philippines and in foreign labour offices. FLOIS contains ten modules as follows:

1. Module on Host Country where there are established POLOs;
2. Module on the Profile of the POLOs, highlighting their respective personnel, programmes and services;
3. Module on the Profile of the Migrant Workers and Other Filipino Resource Centers (MWOFRC);
4. Module on the Profile of Welfare Cases;
5. Module on Personnel Administration;
6. Module on the Budgetary and Financial Profile of both POLOs and MWOFRC;
7. Module on the Uniform System in the Verification of Documents On-Site;
8. Module on the Update and Monitoring of the International Labour Organization's and other international
organisations' concerns;
9. Module on Bilateral Agreements; and
10. Module on Monitoring and Report Generation.


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