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Integrating migrant children in the formal school system in Lebanon


Since 2004, the Insan Association in Lebanon has worked to integrate the unschooled children of migrant workers, refugees and stateless persons into the Lebanese public or private school system by intervening on three levels: academic, psycho-social, and legal. Children who are enrolled in the 'Insan School' programme come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and face discrimination by Lebanese classmates, the teaching body and broader society. This is why, in addition to the tailor-made educational programmes for each of the enrolled students, Insan trains the staff and children of its partner schools to create a healthy atmosphere that would welcome the integration of migrant children. In addition, Insan's lawyers collaborate with embassies, consulates, and the Lebanese authorities to issue appropriate documentation for the children. More than 350 migrant children have so far been integrated into the public or private school system, and 95% have passed their classes. No dropouts have been registered. Two students have gone on to pursue higher education in Lebanon and more than 20 students have enrolled in technical schools.


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