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Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal Programs [MSW] Public mandatory Non contributory Central government

Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal Programs [MSW]

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal was created in 1992 through an Act of Parliament as semi-autonomous organization within the Ministry of Social Welfare, Women Development and Special Education. Bait-ul-Mal is the second important agency for social assistance in Pakistan after Zakat. Its all activities are funded by the federal government. Bait-ul-Mal has similar functions to Zakat. The Zakat Fund is governed by the Islamic law, it is collected from Muslims and distributed among Muslims, whereas Bait-ul-Mal provides assistance to non-Muslims as well.

Objectives of Bait-ul-Mal
To assist in improving the welfare of widows, orphans, disabled, needy and poor persons. As stated in the Bait-ul-Mal Act 1992 are:
  • a) to provide financial assistance to destitute and needy widows, orphans, invalid, infirm and other needy persons ;
  • b) for rendering help for rehabilitation of persons specified in Clause (a) in various professions or vocations ;
  • c) to provide assistance to children of persons specified in Clause (a) for educational pursuits ;
  • d) to provide residential accommodation and necessary facilities to persons specified in Clause (a) ;
  • e) to provide for free medical treatment for indigent sick persons and to set up free hospitals, poor houses and rehabilitation centers and to give financial aid to charitable institutions including industrial homes and other educational institutions established specially for the poor and needy ;
  • f) to provide stipends to educated youth during their training before their employment in jobs ;
  • g) to provide stipends and financial assistance to brilliant but poor students who cannot afford to acquire higher technical or medical education abroad for lack of money ;
  • h) to sponsor and promote self-employment scheme ; and
  • i) any other purpose approved by the Board having regard to the aims and objectives of the Bait-ul-Mal.

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal's main programs of direct assistance to individuals are the Food Support Program and Individual Financial Assistance, prevention of child labour, and Tawana Pakistan (girls' school feeding program) in 29 districts. Bait-ul-Mal gives grants to NGOs to provide institutional support for orphans, disabled, abandoned and destitute women and the aged. In past years, Bait-ul-Mal provided assistance to widows and orphans for repayment of house building loans, relief during natural calamities, and construction of houses in addition to some other types of similar assistance. Funds of Bait-ul-Mal are managed by public servants and beneficiaries are selected through District Steering Committees headed by District Nazim or DCO as the Chairman and consists of Chairman of the District Zakat Committee, a 'notable citizen' and 'notable lady' nominated by Bait-ul-Mal, a notable citizen representing the minorities, a lady councilor and the district head of Bait-ul-Mal or its social Mobilizer.


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