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The International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC) database presented here has been developed to provide online access to the collection of ICSC from a single, continuously-updated source. This permits newly created or amended ICSCs to be made available as soon as they have been validated for publication.

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The migration of the ICSC database to the new system presented here has been a substantial effort which is still on-going. ICSC can currently be offered from the new system only in the English language version. The ICSC for other languages are maintained (as far as is feasible) in the previous system and on existing websites until migration to the new system is implemented. During this transition phase it is possible that there may be differences in content between the English language version (on this website) and the other language versions. The most up-to-date version of an ICSC will be the version accessed via this website.

This new database format (once fully implemented) will also allow immediate access to the full collection of ICSC in different languages, without a delay for translation and distribution of new or amended ICSC.

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