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Yemen - Avenues for redress (penalties, remedies) and litigation procedure for individual complaints

Avenues for redress (penalties, remedies) and litigation procedure for individual complaints - Yemen - 2013    

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Compensation for unfair dismissal - free determination by court: No

Compensation for unfair dismissal - Legal limits (ceiling in months or calculation method):
Max. 6 months' wages in the event of arbitrary dismissal.

  • Art. 39 LC. The worker is also entitled to such compensation if he or she unilaterally terminates the contract without notice due to the misconduct of the employer (i.e assault, commission of morally offensive acts, employer's negligence in the event of serious threat to the worker's safety...) in accordance with art. 36(2) LC.

Reinstatement available: No

  • No provision on reinstatement in the LC.

Preliminary mandatory conciliation: Yes

  • See art. 129 LC:
    1. Both parties to a dispute or their representatives shall meet in order to attempt to settle the dispute amicably through negotiation for a maximum period of one month.
    2. If amicable settlement fails, the matter shall then be referred to the Ministry which shall summon the parties with a view to settling the dispute within a period not exceeding two weeks as from the date of referral.

Competent court(s) / tribunal(s): labour court

  • Labour disputes are first settled by the Arbitration Committee. Appeals of the committee's award are heard by the Labour Division of the competent Court of Appeal (see arts. 132, 140 LC)

Existing arbitration: Yes

  • Labour disputes shall be settled in first instance by the Arbitration Committee (art. 132 LC).
    See also art. 39 on compensation to be awarded by the Arbitration Committee in the event of arbitrary dismissal.

Length of procedure: 40 day(s) (statutory)

  • Art. 137(1) LC: Within ten days of the date of submission of a case, the chairman of the Arbitration Committee shall call a meeting to examine the dispute.
    Art. 137(2) LC: The Arbitration Committees shall complete the examination of the cases submitted to them and shall deliver their awards within 30 days of the date of the first hearing.

    In addition, the parties can appeal the Committee's award within one month at the most of the date of notification of the award. The date date for the first hearing must be set within 15 days of the date of the petition for appeal and the Labour Division shall issue a final decision within 30 days of the date of its first hearing (art. 139 LC).