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Canada - Conditions de forme / procédure du licenciement individuel

Conditions de forme / procédure du licenciement individuel - Canada - 2012    

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Forme de la notification du licenciement au travailleur : écrite

  • Sec. 230(1)a) CLC.

Délai de préavis:
  • Sec. 230 CLC: An employer who dismisses a worker who has worked continuously for at least three consecutive months is obliged to give the worker notice of termination in writing at least two weeks in advance, or to pay compensation in lieu of notice except when the employee is dismissed for just cause (summary dismissal) (sec. 230, CLC).
    • ancienneté ≥ 6 mois
      • 2 semaine(s) .
    • ancienneté ≥ 9 mois
      • 2 semaine(s) .
    • ancienneté ≥ 2 ans
      • 2 semaine(s) .
    • ancienneté ≥ 4 ans
      • 2 semaine(s) .
    • ancienneté ≥ 5 ans
      • 2 semaine(s) .
    • ancienneté ≥ 10 ans
      • 2 semaine(s) .
    • ancienneté ≥ 20 ans
      • 2 semaine(s) .

    Indemnité compensatrice de préavis : Oui

    • Sec. 230(1)b) CLC.

    Notification à l'administration publique: Non

    Notification aux représentants des travailleurs: Non

    • However, notification to the trade union is foreseen by sec. 230(2) CLC in one specific situation namely where an employee bound by a collective agreement and whose position becomes redundant is authorized to displace an employee with less seniority. In that case, the employer must give at least two weeks' notice in writing to the trade union and the employee whose position becomes redundant and post a copy of the notice in a conspicuous place within the industrial establishment in which the employee is employed. Alternately, the employer may, as a result of the redundancy of the position, terminate the employment provided that he or she gives two week's wages to the employee.

    Autorisation de l'administration publique ou d'un organe judiciaire: Non

    Accord des représentants des travailleurs: Non