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El Salvador - Requisitos de forma / procedimiento de despido individual

Requisitos de forma / procedimiento de despido individual - El Salvador - 2010    

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Forma de la notificación del despido al trabajador : sin forma particular exigida

  • Art. 55 LC: The dismissal must be communicated to the worker by the employer or by his/her representatives, otherwise it is considered null and void, except when a written letter of dismissal signed by the employer or his/her representatives is delivered to the employee.

    However, note art. 60. At the end of any contract, whatever the cause that motivated its termination, the employer must give written notice to the employee expressing: 1) starting and termination date of its work 2) type of work undertaken 3) last salary earned.
    If the worker demands so, it can also include: 4) description of the worker’s efficiency and behaviour 5) reason of termination of contract.
    Note that: it is not the official notification of the worker’s dismissal, it is rather a complementary document to the end of the contract.

Indemnización sustitutiva de preaviso : No

Notificación a la administración: No

Notificación a los representantes de los trabajadores : No

Aprobación de la administración publica o de organismos judiciales : No

  • However, prior authorization from the competent jurisdictional authority is required for the dismissal of a worker covered by trade union immunity (art. 248 LC and 47 of the Constitution).

Acuerdo de los representantes de los trabajadores: No

Notas / Comentarios
There are no statutory notice periods to be observed in the event of dismissal.