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Uganda - Procedural requirements for individual dismissals

Procedural requirements for individual dismissals - Uganda - 2013    

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Notification to the worker to be dismissed: written

  • Art. 58(2) EA: written notice of termination.
    In addition, according to art. 66 EA, the employer must conduct a preliminary hearing with the employee and another person of his or her choice before reaching a decision to dismiss that employee on the grounds of misconduct or poor performance. During, this hearing, the employer shall explain to the employee the reasons for which he or she is considering dismissing him or her.

Notice period:
  • Art. 58(3) EA: Statutory minimum notice period are established according to the length of service, as follows:
    - at least 2 weeks, for a period of service of more than 6 months but less than 1 year;
    - at least 1 month, for a period of service of more than 12 months but less than 5 years;
    - at least 2 months, for a period of service of more than 5 months but less than 10 years;
    - at least 3 months, for a period of service of 10 years or more.
    • tenure ≥ 6 months
      • 2 week(s).
    • tenure ≥ 9 months
      • 2 week(s).
    • tenure ≥ 2 years
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 4 years
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 5 years
      • 2 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 10 years
      • 3 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 20 years
      • 3 month(s).

    Pay in lieu of notice: Yes

    • Art. 58(5) EA.

    Notification to the public administration: No

    Notification to workers' representatives: No

    • No general obligation to notify the worker's representatives. However, prior to any dismissal on the grounds of misconduct or poor performance, the employer must explain the reason for the planned dismissal to the employee, and the employee is entitled to have another person of his/her choice present during the explanation. Before reaching a decision on the dismissal, the employer must hear and consider any representation the employee and the person chosen by him/her, if any, may make (sec. 66(1) and (2) EA).

    Approval by public administration or judicial bodies: No

    Approval by workers' representatives: No