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Netherlands - Procedural requirements for individual dismissals

Procedural requirements for individual dismissals - Netherlands - 2019    

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Notification to the worker to be dismissed: no specific form required

  • Art. 7:672(1) CC: Notice of termination shall be given at the end of the month, unless another day has been designated for this purpose by written agreement or by custom (so called “aanzegdag”).

Notice period:
  • Since the 2015 reform, the employer can no longer choose which procedure to follow.

    Article 7:669 CC establishes the procedure to be followed. The employer may terminate the employment contract if there are reasonable grounds for doing so and redeployment of the employee within a reasonable period, whether or not by means of training, to another suitable position is not possible or would not be logical.

    The statutory minimum notice period to be respected depends on the worker's length of service, as follows (Art. 7:672(2) CC):
    * less than 5 years of service: 1 month
    * between 5 and less than 10 years: 2 months
    * between 10 and less than 15 years: 3 months
    * 15 years or more years: 4 months
    • tenure ≥ 6 months
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 9 months
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 1 year
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 2 years
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 4 years
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 5 years
      • 2 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 10 years
      • 3 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 20 years
      • 4 month(s).

    Pay in lieu of notice: Yes

    • If an employee is terminated before the notice period ends, the employer must pay him or her the wage he or she would have received until the end of the notice period, Art. 7:672 (10) CC.

      The court can decide to lower this compensation payment, if it considers this to be fair in view of the circumstances, on the understanding that the compensation may not be less than the monetary wage over the notice period referred to in Art. 7:672 (2) CC, nor less than the monetary wage for three months.

    Notification to the public administration: Yes

    • If an employer intends to dismiss an employee, (except in case of summary dismissal), he shall either first turn to the Court to obtain the judicial rescission of the contract, in case of dismissals based on the employee’s conduct or capacity (Art. 7:671a CC) or to an administrative body: the UWV WERKbedrijf (former CWI) (Art. 7:671a CC), in case of economic dismissals or dismissals based on long-term sicknesses.
      On the procedure to be followed, see Art. 7:671a and 7:671b CC.

    Notification to workers' representatives: No

    Approval by public administration or judicial bodies: Yes

    • Approval by the administration is required only if the employer has to turn to the UWV WERKbedrijf (former CWI) to obtain a dismissal permit (see above, Art. 7:671a CC). On the procedure to be followed, see Art. 7:671a CC.
      Alternatively he must turn to the Court to obtain the judicial rescission of the contract (see Art. 7:671b CC

    Approval by workers' representatives: No