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Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of - Procedural requirements for individual dismissals

Procedural requirements for individual dismissals - Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of - 2017    

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Notification to the worker to be dismissed: written

  • Art. 74(1) LRA. See also art. 85 LRA.

Notice period:
  • Art. 88 (2) LRA stipulates that in the case of an individual dismissal or in the case of a dismissal of a small number of workers, the statutory minimum notice period is one month. The individual employment contract or a collective agreement may stipulate a longer period of notice. However, it cannot exceed 3 months. If the dismissals affect more than 150 employees or 5% of total number of workers, the notice period is two months. (Art. 88.2 LRA)
    The LRA provides a list of justified grounds for termination without notice and these include: unjustified absence from work for three consecutive days or 5 days within one year, misuse of sick leave; failure to comply with the workplace regulations on health, safety and environmental protection, use of alcohol and drugs, robbery at the workplace or negligence causing damages to the employer, disclosure of business, official or state secrets (art. 82 LRA).
    • tenure ≥ 6 months
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 9 months
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 2 years
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 4 years
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 5 years
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 10 years
      • 1 month(s).
    • tenure ≥ 20 years
      • 1 month(s).

    Pay in lieu of notice: Yes

    • The employer and the employee may agree on the payment of a lump sum instead of observing the notice period.

    Notification to the public administration: No

    Notification to workers' representatives: No

    • However, such notification is required in order to dismiss a trade union representative (art. 200(3) LRA).

    Approval by public administration or judicial bodies: No

    Approval by workers' representatives: No

    • No general approval required. However, in order to dismiss a trade union representative, the employer shall first obtain the prior approval of the trade union. In case the trade union does not approve the dismissal, such approval can be obtained through a court decision (art. 200 LRA).