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Iran, République islamique d' - Conditions de fond du licenciement

Conditions de fond du licenciement (motifs autorisés et prohibés) - Iran, République islamique d' - 2010    

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Obligation d'informer le travailleur des raisons du licenciement : Oui
  • No statutory obligation to state the reasons for dismissal.
    However, according to sec. 27 LC, no disciplinary dismissal can take before prior written warnings have been given to the employee to correct his/her behaviour.

Motifs autorisés (licenciement justifié) : conduite du travailleur; motifs économiques; capacité du travailleur
  • Where a worker is negligent in discharging his or her duties or if, after written warnings, he or she continues to violate the disciplinary rules of the workplace, the employer shall, provided that the Islamic Council is in agreement, pay the worker a sum equal to his or her last monthly wage for each year of service, and to terminate his or her employment contract (sec. 27 LC).
    In addition, according to sec. 21 LC (as amended) "the employment agreement may be terminated in any of the following cases:
    a) Death of worker.
    b) Retirement of worker.
    c) Total disability of worker.
    d) Expiry of duration of definite employment agreements and their non-renewal explicitly or implicitly.
    e) Completion of work in the contracts for specific task.
    f) Resignation of worker.
    g) Reduced production and structural changes imposed by economic, social and cultural developments calling for vast technological changes as provided in Article 9 of the Law Facilitating the Renovation of Industries.
    Economic reasons as authorized valid grounds for termination of employment result from an amendment to the 1990 Labour Code (not included in the electronic version of the text provided under "references"). Source of information: "LIS 643 and 644, Day 25 & Bahman 2, 1387 ( 14-21/01/2009)", by Pars Associates, Attorneys-at-Law, published on the "Blog of Guillot-Pars associates" (http://avocats.fr/space/guillot-pars), available at: http://avocats.fr/space/guillot-pars/content/lis-643et-644-des-25-day-et-2-bahman-1387---14-21-01-2009_C4307EB5-3EC5-42B5-8693-C392E41F5282.

Motifs prohibés: race; couleur; sexe; langue; origine ethnique
  • See sec. 6 LC on the general prohibition of discrimination: "Iranians, whatever their tribe or ethnic group, enjoy the same rights; skin colour, race, language and the like do not constitute any privilege or distinction; all individuals, whether men or women, are entitled to the same protection of the law"

Travailleurs bénéficiant d'une protection particulière: aucun groupe protégé
  • No information found in the legislation reviewed.