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Algérie - Conditions de fond du licenciement

Conditions de fond du licenciement (motifs autorisés et prohibés) - Algérie - 2013    

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Obligation d'informer le travailleur des raisons du licenciement : Oui
  • Not in the LRA.
    However such obligation is prescribed in the 2006 Collective Framework Agreement: the employer shall indicate the reasons for the dismissal during a preliminary interview with the employee and in the employment termination letter. (art. 65 and 66 CFA)

Motifs autorisés (licenciement justifié) : conduite du travailleur; capacité du travailleur; motifs économiques
  • The LRA allows an employer to dismiss an employee in the following cases:
    - Art. 73 LC: disciplinary dismissal for serious misconduct (includes a list of acts which constitute serious misconduct)
    - Art. 69 LC: workforce reduction for economic reasons.

    The Collective Framework Agreements of 2006 provides for a list of valid grounds for dismissal, as follows (art. 61 CFA)
    - serious misconduct within the meaning of art. 73-1 LRA;
    - legitimate and serious reasons relating to the employee personally within the meaning of art. 73-5 LRA. [Note that art 73-5 LRA provides for the right to notice to any workers which did not commit any serious misconduct]
    - workforce reduction for economic reasons
    - total and permanent and incapacity to work within the meaning of the social security legislation.
    The terms and conditions of application of this provision shall be specified in collective agreements.

Motifs prohibés: affiliation et activités syndicales
  • - Art. 53 of the Act No. 90-14 of 2 June 1990 on the exercise of the right to organise prohibits the dismissal (and any other disciplinary measures) of a trade union officer on the grounds of his/her trade union activities.
    - The LRA does not contain any provision forbidding the dismissal of a worker on certain discriminatory grounds.
    However, art 17 of the LRA prohibits any provision in an agreement, collective agreement or employment contract which gives rise to discrimination in employment, remuneration or working conditions on grounds of age, sex, social or marital situation, family relations, political convictions and membership or non-membership of a trade union.

Travailleurs bénéficiant d'une protection particulière: aucun groupe protégé
  • No statutory provision found in the legislation reviewed.