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Russian Federation - Substantive requirements for dismissals

Substantive requirements for dismissals (justified and prohibited grounds) - Russian Federation - 2019    

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Obligation to provide reasons to the employee: Yes
  • Article 81 of the Labour Code

Valid grounds (justified dismissal): economic reasons; worker's conduct; worker's capacity
  • Article 81 of the Labour Code

Prohibited grounds: marital status; pregnancy; race; colour; sex; political opinion; social origin; nationality/national origin; age; trade union membership and activities; financial status; language; ethnic origin
  • Article 3 of the Labour Code prohibits discrimination at work on several grounds.
    Article 261 of the Labour Code prohibits to dismiss a pregnant worker and provides some protection against dismissals to women workers with children.

Workers enjoying special protection: workers' representatives; pregnant women and/or women on maternity leave; workers with family responsibilities; minors
  • Article 261 of the Labour Code prohibits to dismiss a pregnant worker except in the event of enterprise liquidation. It also prohibits the dismissal of women with children under three years old, single mother raising a child under fourteen years old (disabled child under eighteen), workers raising those children without a mother except on certain limited grounds ( liquidation and grounds related to the misconduct of the worker).

    Except in the event of enterprise liquidation, workers under 18 can only be dismissed with the authorization of the Labour Inspectorate and the Commission for the rights of minors (art. 269 of the Labour Code).

    Articles 374-376 LC elaborate on the procedure on how to dismiss elected workers’ representatives and provide additional guarantees to them.