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Home Work in Brazil: New Contractual Arrangements

Author(s)Lena Lavinas; Bila Sorj; Leila Linhares; Angela Jorge
Type of Toolworking paper
Region(s) / Country(ies)Americas
Informal Economy AspectsEmployment
Web links
Home Work in Brazil: New Contractual Arrangements (249kb)
Trabalho a domicilio: Novas formas de contratualidade (425kb)
ILO Sector(s)Employment Sector
ILO Unit(s)IFP/SEED - InFocus Programme on Boosting Employment through Small Enterprise Development
Keyword(s)employment, labour law, work at home

This report is part of a series of studies carried out by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in connection with the Latin American component of the ILO inter-regional project 'Homeworkers in the Global Economy'. The purpose of these studies is to determine whether home work in Latin America is a residual form of work that is 'becoming extinct', as was considered for many years to be the case, or whether it is in fact a mode of employment that is re-emerging in a context characterized by the fragmentation and relocation of production processes, an increasingly flexible labour market and the individualization of labour relations.

With that end in view, an attempt has here been made to provide an overview of the number and profile of workers engaged in this form of employment, and to analyse the relevance and effectiveness of the legal framework governing home work. Likewise, the perceptions and attitudes of governments and employers' and workers' organizations towards this modality of work are examined.

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Last update: 31 March 2005